what kinda fireworks are they making there https://twitter.com/slasher/status/1290680057699217409
here’s a fireworks factory in China exploding
here’s another one

my skepticism here is that there is no residual visual fireworks display

this would require everything to explode at once, which isn’t impossible, but extremely improbable
there is a fireworks factory in Beruit apparently

but is it the same building?
the explosion is clearly next to the water, while the fireworks factory is not, so probably not

so what’s the building in front of it?
oh it’s the port silos that are 6km away
grain silo explosions can get pretty crazy but those silos don’t really look big enough for that size of an explosion

also what exploded wasn’t the silos, it was this building here

so what was in this building? Fertilizer? Fuel? A bomb?

now the red smoke does kind of fit with the fireworks angle, since it would have to be a specific substance to create colored smoke

what makes red smoke?

the M18 smoke grenades use 1-methylaminoanthraquinone

Strontium also burns red; it’s used in the production of fireworks
strontium-90 is only produced by nuclear fallout so it depends on what isotope is measured

so I guess if they wanted to pass off a small nuclear explosion as a fireworks factory explosion, that would be a decent cover story

but if it’s SR-90, there’s only one source
now of course this is all just me speculating, I’ve never been to Beruit
this video shows what appears to be fireworks going off before the explosion

https://twitter.com/krisus96/status/1290684087380959232?s=21 https://twitter.com/krisus96/status/1290684087380959232
they could also be gunshots ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
here’s a munitions depot in Syria exploding, still not getting the same shockwave

another theory is the fireworks combined with a grain silo explosion, creating a large thermobaric bomb

it’s a solid theory, let’s see
This is the MOAB, the most destructive non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal

It has a blast energy of 46GJ, equivalent to 11 tons of TNT

still no visible shockwave tho, so we need something bigger
This explosion is allegedly a neutron bomb dropped in Yemen

now we’re getting the shockwave

A neutron bomb is a type of ERW (enhanced radiation weapon), which basically causes a small nuclear explosion (like the mini-nuke in Fallout)
Israel has been mass-producing neutron bombs since 1984

Other countries that possess neutron bombs are India, China, Russia, and the US; they can fit in artillery shells

This CIA report from 2000 describes a Russian subkiloton neutron bomb

however we clearly see cell phones recording during the explosion, which is evidence against the x-rays that typically occur according to the CIA

otoh it also says the device was “tailored” to produce this effect, which means it is possible that it could be tailored not to
Russia also created an even more powerful thermobaric weapon, the Tsar Bomba (father of all bombs)

here we see a comparable shockwave, although it appears to disappate more quickly than the Beruit explosion
so we have three possible causes, which can be narrowed down with more evidence:

1. the official story is true and fireworks combined with a flour silo to create a thermobaric explosion

I am skeptical of this because it looks like the silos were destroyed *in* the explosion
2. a thermobaric weapon was detonated in the port of Beruit

this would explain the silos being destroyed, but even the largest thermobaric weapon looks like a smaller explosion than what occurred

however it could just be a misleading perspective
3. A neutron bomb was detonated in the port of Beruit

this fits more with the visual effects of the explosion, but there is no obvious EMP effect from the X-rays typically generated during a nuclear explosion
the smoking gun for a neutron bomb would be evidence of strontium-90 on the ground, as it is only created as a byproduct of a nuclear reaction

so i guess look for that
gonna examine some other possible causes bc while I love conspiracy theories, I don’t love ones that are poorly researched

this is a chemical plant explosion in Texas, the blast was felt 4 miles away

gonna take a minute to see if I can get a radius
footage from the aftermath of the explosion, I am not sure how far away from the blast this is but it appears to be a bridge or maybe the highway

https://twitter.com/air_intel/status/1290678776557338626?s=21 https://twitter.com/air_intel/status/1290678776557338626
virtually driving around highway 51 places that footage here, about 1.5km away

so we know there’s still a strong explosive force in a 1km radius
someone linked me this footage of a munitions dump in Syria exploding, this is definitely the kind of explosion we’re looking for

https://twitter.com/drinkingbigfoot/status/1290710540961144832?s=21 https://twitter.com/drinkingbigfoot/status/1290710540961144832
so what were they storing in Siberia?

a lot more than just “fireworks”

this base did explode for five hours tho, where as Beruit seems to have just exploded once
so now we do some boring ass math to determine how much energy needed to be released to blow stuff up 1.5km away

a neutron bomb has a maximum blast radius of 2km so that fits

a kiloton bomb has an energy potential of 4184GJ

here’s a grainy video of one
Here perspective fucks us up again, as the 1kT bomb looks huge but there’s nothing to really tell you how far away you are

It could look smaller or larger depending on the angle and the space, similar to how a 70” tv looks smaller in the store
also, these demo explosions are all talking place in a large open space, where as here there are buildings that could potentially amplify the pressure waves, although that wouldn’t explain the initial shockwave
In two days it will have been exactly 65 years since the first nuclear bomb was used against humans, dropped by the United States on Hiroshima, Japan
that was only a 14 kiloton bomb but the scale is logarithmic so while the number doesn’t look that much bigger it’s ^14, not +13
So obviously this explosion was not that powerful

I’m really just stalling for time here because I can’t remember how to apply E=MC^2 lol
anyway, this user makes a great point about the visible shockwave and possible grain silo explosion

they claim that the shockwave is a “vapor collar” caused by water vapor

https://twitter.com/djspeedycake/status/1290718048308142082?s=21 https://twitter.com/djspeedycake/status/1290718048308142082
this is likely, they are right next to the water and it is hot in Lebanon so the odds of there being water vapor in that location is extremely high

also a themobaric explosion like the one that a grain silo would create certainly has that vacuum effect
let’s check the tape again

to my eyes, it appears that the silos are destroyed in the explosion, not the source of the explosion itself

the visible shockwave is definitely seawater vacuumed up from the port and expelled

https://twitter.com/lookoutitsbbear/status/1290692845729386497?s=21 https://twitter.com/lookoutitsbbear/status/1290692845729386497
so if we pause at the moment of the explosion we can get a better look at the flashpoint

it does appear to be away from the silos, or at least in front of it

we don’t know the amount of grain dust in the air, or the relative humidity

A dust explosion requires very dry stuff
looking at some other angles it is clear that the silos were destroyed by the explosion and the origin is the warehouse looking thing in front of it

there’s also some weird shit in the air shortly before the explosion
so now let’s check the news and see what the official explanations say

USA Today’s reporting seems to want to focus on the history of violence in Lebanon, and vastly underestimates the blast radius
the guardian has a report by the interior minister of Lebanon saying that ammonium nitrate was the cause

2 tons of ammonium nitrate were used by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, destroying the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
obviously that was a much smaller explosion, so there would have had to have been a lot more than 2000 pounds of fertilizer stored in that warehouse

OSHA regulations in the states require a carefully calculated ventilation system, which uses this equation:
of course Lebanon probably has different safety standards

it still seems kind of foolish to store the fertilizer right next to the fireworks and the grain silos

otoh, industrial accidents are usually the result of stupid decisions
taking a side quest to follow this ammonium nitrate thread

reportedly it was confiscated from a boat in 2014 and stored in that warehouse for six years

ammonium nitrate has also been a favorite of hezbollah according to DNI
here’s a whole ass fertilizer plant exploding, the vantage point is 300 yards and the people filming were unharmed

keep in mind that the video of the Beruit aftermath was about 1500 yards away and destroyed the front of a building

the csb report on the West TX fertilizer plant estimates about 270 tons of fertilizer was involved in the explosion

the blast radius was about 1500-2000 feet
In Beruit, people were knocked over from more than a mile away, with far more buildings to slow down the force of the blast
csb estimates the blast force of the West TX explosion to be about 20-40 tons of TNT
if we assume a gain of 3 based on the increased blast radius, it gives us the ridiculous number of 8 kilotons, which tells me I probably used the wrong equation lol

8 kilotons would be just over half the power of the Hiroshima bomb
so the FOAB is just marginally bigger than the West TX explosion, here’s a size comparison next to a neutron bomb

the largest accidental explosion is larger than that, a 3kT explosion that occurred in Halifax

this happened in 1917 when a ship full of explosives hit another ship and exploded
so ammonium nitrate could be a logical explanation, depending on the amount that was being stored there

but it would have to be three times the amount stored at the fertilizer plant in west Texas
in 1947, 2200 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in Texas City

it is considered the largest industrial accident in American history

the shot with the cars was taken 1/4 mile from the explosion
this is 3/4 of a mile from the Beruit explosion
lol idk man, it’s crazy shit
the prime minister’s office was damaged from 1 mile away, and he claims that those responsible will “pay for what happened”

which sounds a little more serious than an industrial accident but maybe he’s just like that
Saudi-owned al-Arabiya apparently saying the warehouse was an ammunition depot

https://twitter.com/michaeldickson/status/1290717531389427722?s=21 https://twitter.com/michaeldickson/status/1290717531389427722
another angle of the aftermath

https://twitter.com/shadaomar/status/1290710419775029251?s=21 https://twitter.com/shadaomar/status/1290710419775029251
Jerusalem Post reports that Hezbollah denies it was an Israeli attack on a munitions depot, and also that the idea of fireworks was “ridiculous”, which it is
NBC News forgets to edit out the note from the editor
CNN reporting toxic gases
ran some simulations for explosion radius, it’s a nuclear explosion simulator so ignore the radiation zone

based on this I suppose 8 kT isn’t that unreasonable, since the light damage radius is about 2.35km, or 1.4 miles
in fact it might even be a conservative estimate bc of this reporting

to get a light damage radius of 10km I had to increase the payload to 100kt, which would make it 6 times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima

that seems...a little extreme; so probably not accurate
Lebanon now reporting 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded

For comparison, the West, TX explosion was 240 tons, so the explosion was 10x larger

https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1290756966982119424?s=21 https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1290756966982119424
if that explosion was 20-40 tons of force, that would put this explosion at 200-400T

but that seems low lol
The Texas City explosion involved 2300 tons so it’s a much better comparison

its energy was 2.7-3 kilotons

I should note that the Wikipedia entry doesn’t match the number listed by the US military report
we’re far into the speculative waters now, so it’s best to take all this next information as a possibility rather than a certainty

the story changed quickly from a fireworks explosion to a fertilizer explosion, this could be for a number of valid reasons

but those are boring
so let’s go back to the weird orange smoke

in fireworks production, reddish orange hues are created by strontium

strontium also occurs after nuclear explosions
ammonium produces a yellow flame
however brown/orange smoke could also indicate nitrogen dioxide, which is created in an ammonium nitrate fire
btw NO2 is toxic, so I hope nobody is trying to breathe it

https://twitter.com/naseebsherry/status/1290760669256716289?s=21 https://twitter.com/naseebsherry/status/1290760669256716289
more evidence leading towards ammonium nitrate

https://twitter.com/quantian1/status/1290695231910875136?s=21 https://twitter.com/quantian1/status/1290695231910875136
possible source of the ammonium nitrate leads to a Moldovian ship

https://twitter.com/hachemyassin/status/1290702640930791424?s=21 https://twitter.com/hachemyassin/status/1290702640930791424
according to this website tho, the M/V Rhosus hasn’t been seen since 2009 and was last flying the flag of Panama

while this is strange, it’s possible the information is outdated

or it could have been hijacked by Moldovian pirates, idk
tbf, the piracy Moldova is most known for is the software kind
Baltic Shipping has a more detailed record of the ship’s history, it was built in 1986 in Japan and has changed hands a number of times

It has a deadweight tonnage of 3226 tons, meaning that the 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate was likely the only cargo it was carrying
this website claims that the crew of the ship was Russian and Ukrainian

is now that Russia is involved, we need to be very careful about what conclusions we jump to

there’s not a big online trail for Igor Grechushkin, and people love conspiracy theories about Russia
however, the idea that Russia planted a cargo ship full of ammonium nitrate in Beruit’s port for 6 years before deciding to blow it up should raise a number of questions

first of all, why would they do that

secondly, a series of incompetent events is much more plausible
But let’s assume Putin did it for some reason

Russia has cordial relations with Lebanon, so it makes no sense for them to pilot a giant bomb in the harbor
Lebanon recently defaulted on its debts in March

According to Hezbollah, which is now a major backer of the Lebanese government, Saudi pressure forced the previous PM to resign

Lebanese workers in the Gulf make up 1/5 of its GDP
Saudi Arabia was also the country that claimed the warehouse was a Hezbollah weapons storage facility

many conspiracy theorists believe that 9/11 was also secretly perpetrated by the Saudis, since 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens
Officially, Israel has no diplomatic relations with the Saudis
The ruler of Saudi Arabia is Mohammed bin Salman, who came to power after he purged the government of several members of the royal family, including longtime Clinton ally Prince Al Waleed bin Talal

he continues to detain anyone he sees as a threat to his power
as a side note, it was Al-Waleed’s imprisonment in the Ritz Carlton that allowed the Disney/Fox merger to go through, as he was forced to sell off a sizable portion of his holdings, including $1.5B of Fox shares
MbS also hangs out with the usual suspects
so I guess you have to consider who would benefit the most from an attack on Lebanon to decide if the explosion was intentional

the knowledge that thousands of tons of explosive fertilizer were supposedly sitting in the port of beruit has been floating around since 2014
anyone wanting to use that information would have known this, since it took me like 5 minutes to find

but who would use this information, and for what purpose
it really depends on what the investigation shows

it could very well likely be just a tragic industrial accident caused by a long string of incompetence and bad safety practices
there’s also all this other shit going on at the same time, and concern trolls in the states claim that the country is about to form an even stronger alliance with Iran
just yesterday, Israel was bitching about Hezbollah in Syria
ope, there’s your China square
of course none of these governments have taken responsibility for the explosion so rn the only thing we know for sure is that a roughly 3kT blast has decimated the Port of Beruit, cutting them off from any naval shipments

keep an eye on who says what
see this is how you’re supposed to research conspiracy theories, not just find some weirdo YouTube video that fits your confirmation bias

there are actors on the world stage that would benefit from this, but there’s no actual evidence (or negative evidence) linking them
“Negative evidence” is when a country’s official story is provably false, like in this example
btw I have a slight correction, it’s almost the 75th year since Hiroshima, not the 65th year

I temporarily forgot how to add ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
one last thing about the blast itself I was thinking about, the chemistry peeps I retweeted earlier said something about the explosive velocity of ammonium nitrate as 2700m/s

neutrons propagate in fission at between 2000-5000m/s
the implosion from a nuclear reaction is created after the air comes into contact with the fissioned core

it instantly ionizes, which sucks everything in before expelling it back out at tremendous force
so the thing that sticks in the back of my mind is that yes, it is most likely exactly what it has been reported to be

however, that thing just happens to have all of the same properties as a nuclear explosion of the same size
I seem to have slipped into the pool

Italy radiation monitors go off after explosion

https://twitter.com/liguresambrones/status/1290734089021132802?s=21 https://twitter.com/liguresambrones/status/1290734089021132802
however some guy at a hospital says nah

https://twitter.com/romain_tronc/status/1290722674092769280?s=21 https://twitter.com/romain_tronc/status/1290722674092769280
also this person rightly points out that the spike in radiation happened four hours before the explosion

https://twitter.com/astrosven/status/1290791143408578561?s=21 https://twitter.com/astrosven/status/1290791143408578561
and again, there was no EMP effect that knocked out power
last year, the us introduced the “nuclear weapon you can use,” the W76-2, a 5kT warhead that can be fired from 7500 miles away

that is the most robocop-ass shit I’ve ever heard irl
so if you wanted to be cynical there’s a remote possibility that this is a long con to manufacture consent to attack someone for their dangerous weapons of mass destruction
you could even make wild claims like the US was showing off their latest weapon for sale while simultaneously providing a distraction from the pandemic and 30 million people about to be homeless by starting a giant war
but again, the official story is that some fertilizer in a warehouse blew up

what’s the White House’s statement?
oh ok
just real quick want to add a little bit about the president's response and how America has been doing this thing lately

here we have trump saying the explosion was "a bomb of some kind" https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1290778973060894720?s=20
but later three random defense officials say that's not true https://twitter.com/ryanstruyk/status/1290816143029149696?s=20
this kind of dual information has become a habit for this administration

it allows for people to pick whichever information they like and run with it

for trump supporters, it just means more undermining of the president

for the rest, it's another case of him lying
now imagine you live somewhere else in the world where they might not be broadcasting every weird thing the president said today

this must be extremely confusing
it doesn't help that the actual quote contains enough vague language that it could be interpreted either way

"looks like a terrible attack" is not exactly as explicit as "it *was* a terrible attack"
objectively, it does have the *appearance* of an attack, as many people (including myself) have pointed out

but as the president of the US, mentioning that generally infers that it *was* an attack, because why bring it up otherwise
otoh this is a bit more explicit
so in effect, the government has placed a hedged bet and taken both positions; a sort of schrodinger's cat situation where it could be an attack depending on who you ask
their reasoning however is a little flimsy, since we already know that 3-5kT nuclear weapons have been around for a few decades now
this guy says that even small nuclear explosions start with white/yellow explosions
he seems pretty upset
so people really want to you know that it was definitely not a nuclear blast, and that only conspiracy theorists would believe it's a nuclear blast

this usually just upsets conspiracy theorists as they assume the passionate denial itself is suspect

why bring it up otherwise?
anyway here's a story from march about how some guy in washington thinks it would be cool if israel started using low-yield "tactical" nukes to take out targets in Iran

Iran has also been experiencing attacks on its nuclear site by a group who is either an extremist group or a proxy of another nation

idk what the relationship between NK and Lebanon is like, but Lebanon is friendly with both Iran and Russia, who are allies of North Korea along with China

so it would make no sense for any of these countries to attack lebanon with a tiny nuclear bomb
aerial photos of beirut reveal that the warehouse is gone and so is the land it was sitting on https://twitter.com/PsychologyDoc/status/1290912643973349377?s=20
there are reports of a citywide power outage https://twitter.com/Sotiridi1/status/1290767922596655105?s=20
now while it's true that a power outage would be a sign of EMP damage, it's also true that Beirut has power outages all the time due to underfunded infrastructure
here's a video of a scalar weapon, which either warps reality or the video is messed up https://twitter.com/Stupido_Bot1/status/1290845824918806529?s=20
scalar weapons are a hypothetical weapon first theorized by nikola tesla; basically the quintessential death ray

they sound more like bad science fiction
apparently they were interesting enough to pursue/waste tax dollars on but i still say they sound made up

btw just because these things are hosted on the cia website doesn't mean they're 100% true, they have a bunch of conspiracy magazines and stuff in there
energy weapons do definitely exist tho
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