While Investigating Fake Account of Stage Artist. We find an interesting Links. All Artist Fake Account Promoted by Fake Accounts of Hareem Shah, Sumbal Khattak & Sumbal khan.

It is time to expose 3rd Major #PMLN SM Fake Account Network

Actually there are Multiple Fake Accounts of Hareem Shah & Sundal Khattak exist. 1 Pair already exposed it is time to expose 2nd Fake Account Pair.

All Account Link to Famous PMLN Social Media Team Members

Fake Account 1: @iHareem_shah
Fake Account 2: @SandalKhattak
This Pair has a close link with Famous PMLN Accounts.

- @MemonaMushtaq
- @TahirMughalPml1

If these two were investigated we will find the Real Culprit.

All Fake Accounts 1 thing common

- Promote PMLN
- Bash Pakistan Army
- Promote Anti-Pakistan element
- Promote Extremism
Sample 1:

Fake Account: Hareem Shah
Twitter Handle:@iHareem_shah

This Fake Account Actively Promoting: @MemonaMushtaq , @TahirMughalPml1 , @SyEdA_GuLwiSh & @SandalKhattak
More Over,

Check First 3 Account followed by Fake Hareem

1) Other Fake Sundal khattak
2) Memona Mushtaq

Investigate Memona, you will know who is behind this.
Fake Account 2

Name: Sandal Khattak Official
Handle: @SandalKhattak

1st account followed by this fake account is "Fake Hareem Shah"

Fake Sandal was actively promoting @iHareem_shah and of course most of post against Pakistan Army.
If FIA want to arrest main culprits behind these Fake Account Network.


- @MemonaMushtaq
- @TahirMughalPml1
- @SyEdA_GuLwiSh
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