Woah 😨😱 Explosion in Beirut. https://twitter.com/arsenicfrog/status/1290672790278995968
2. Another view of the explosion in Beirut.

https://twitter.com/intelcrab/status/1290669741988876288?s=21 https://twitter.com/intelcrab/status/1290669741988876288
3. Well Done @TribbleIndustr1 ! That was fast! A dredged port dock perhaps?
https://twitter.com/tribbleindustr1/status/1290678547527413760?s=21 https://twitter.com/tribbleindustr1/status/1290678547527413760
4. Last slide 👇🏻 pic. “A New World” and that looks like an “8” infinity ♾ 🧐
H/T @jujabling
https://twitter.com/abirghattas/status/1290678187362484224?s=21 https://twitter.com/abirghattas/status/1290678187362484224
5. And China too. What the what?!
6. More from @TribbleIndustr1 on the Beirut explosion.
(FYI im not digging right now. I’m only compiling info.)
https://twitter.com/tribbleindustr1/status/1290683816680488961?s=21 https://twitter.com/TribbleIndustr1/status/1290683816680488961
7. More angles of explosion in #Beirut .
https://twitter.com/usafirsttrump/status/1290698524619808768?s=21 https://twitter.com/usafirsttrump/status/1290698524619808768
8. ThanQ @voeljegoed 🙏🏻
A face created in the smoke of explosion in #Beirut is totally normal right? 🧐🤨 Manifested. 😳
Nothing to see here!!!
📌 https://twitter.com/voeljegoed/status/1290702748485378049?s=21 https://twitter.com/voeljegoed/status/1290702748485378049
9. Omg. Tweet # 4👆🏻I saw 8 #infinty ♾ @jujabling 👉🏻 Level 8. Port Beirut. 8 is Ogdoad, infinity loop, possibly #CrookedHillary reference.
Don’t ask me what it all means yet. Let’s just compile all the info we.
10. 2 Ukrainian ships in the #Beirut port and reported.
https://twitter.com/tribbleindustr1/status/1290716192357994496?s=21 https://twitter.com/tribbleindustr1/status/1290716192357994496
11. Last week celebrating a terrorist’s release...
Don’t know anything about them right now. Just logging info...
https://twitter.com/imtizionism/status/1290642358254669826?s=21 https://twitter.com/imtizionism/status/1290642358254669826
12. Whoops. Had to delete & fix. (Had incorrect date 🤦🏻‍♀️. Today is TUESDAY 8/4/2020)
#Beirut Explosion view from water and still shots.
📌 https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1290673603881496576?s=21 https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1290673603881496576
13. Still shots from another angle for Beirut explosion. See little light bursts first as they are saying firework building, then track the massive explosion 💥👇🏻
https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1290676318871445505?s=21 https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1290676318871445505
14. Screen shot block “bird” / dot moving into space just before largest explosion.
https://twitter.com/kevboat44/status/1290738811543195648?s=21 https://twitter.com/kevboat44/status/1290738811543195648
15. Oh boy. I’m just going to leave this here. It’s Obama’s Birthday 😳. He was born on Tisha B’Av (8/4/1960)
This year it was July 29th-30th.
212 = Ophan = Wheel.
#Wheel #Ezekiel #Lamentations. “The Great Calamity”. The Evil Wind 💨 Gone By the Wind.
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1273246127547191299?s=21 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1273246127547191299
16. Full 2 minute compilation of explosion in #Beirut today from different angles. 😬
Am I the only one that actively ducks 🙇🏻‍♀️ when watching this? 🤔 💭 Pray for these people. Yikes.
https://twitter.com/heshmatalavi/status/1290737869104062469?s=21 https://twitter.com/heshmatalavi/status/1290737869104062469
17. Here is what appears to be an example of a Direct Energy Weapon “DEW”. Follow the order. Left to right, then see the disturbance to the air as I’ve added arrows to point out.👇🏻
It’s seen by the naked eye.
Have we seen such a disturbance in Beirut??👀
https://twitter.com/angreegod/status/1290753338611585035?s=21 https://twitter.com/AngreeGod/status/1290753338611585035
18. Oh CORECTION! I must have mis-typed. Obama was born “1961” 👆🏻August 4th 1961 Tisha B’Av.
19. Well this is a fascinating thread! The Sursock family. The “Rothschilds of the East” 🤔💭🤦🏻‍♀️🤨
https://twitter.com/anony_fa_mous/status/1290764786981117952?s=21 https://twitter.com/anony_fa_mous/status/1290764786981117952
20. Well. I screenshot just b4 blast. You be the judge. 👀 Do you see a disturbance in the air? A defined line of light that altered the air just b4 the massive explosion?! 🧐
Video Timestamps kept so you can find in video attached.
#BeirutBlast #Beirut
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1290826292095524865?s=21 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1290826292095524865
21. @paulmuaddib611 is incredible! 🙏🏻 Look at this video. This is the same angle I really saw the anomaly in the air. Paul walks you through the timeline of explosion.
I’ll put a screenshot next...
📌 https://twitter.com/paulmuaddib611/status/1290874717990264834?s=21 https://twitter.com/paulmuaddib611/status/1290874717990264834
22. ... And here is @paulmuaddib611 video where I’ve screenshot it so I can point out the lines, the change in atmosphere. 😳
https://twitter.com/paulmuaddib611/status/1290896591688212481?s=21 https://twitter.com/paulmuaddib611/status/1290896591688212481
23. Beirut Port 👉🏻 Exolosion Tuesday, August 4th, 2020.
Coinkidink it’s also Obama’s Birthday? 🤔💭
📌 https://twitter.com/vincentcrypt46/status/1291182999258779656?s=21 https://twitter.com/vincentcrypt46/status/1291182999258779656
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