08.04.20 A precious day, a wannabond day 💗

- a mini thread -
For pinned tweet purposes 💗
Wannabond from start to end
Jaehwan rapping with DeepWink on the side to Jaehwan hitting the notes, to ab6ix chamhwi travelling then the story continuess hahahhaha
Chamdeep exchanging mics 💗
Go Jihoon Go Jihoon and Go Woojin Go Woojin
Jaehwan Jihoon Jinyoung Daehwi Woojinlaughing at each other 💗
Daehwi Cheering for Jinyoung
Just Kim Jaehwan looking so hyped while performing for 38 secs https://twitter.com/527S2hwan2/status/1290650891637469198/video/1
Mr. everything serving raps https://twitter.com/527S2hwan2/status/1290650365113892864/video/1
Park Jihoon’s focus cam
Jihoon Hyping up Jjaeni 😎
Woong’s ‘Oh BX’ and Daehwi’s ‘Bae Jinyoung Bae Jinyoung’ while the 2 are rapping 💗
Park Jihoon’s smile after the performance 🥺😍 He is so hyped and energetic
Ab6ix focus cam (but they travelled right after hahahaha) https://twitter.com/whatjinv/status/1290654500454305793/video/1
Woojin trying to approch Jihoon hahhahahaha bu got pushed in the center hahahaha
Jaehwan mentioning daehwi woojin jinyoung and jihoon and said he disn’t get bored since the memebrs are there and the emcee following up stating like it is a wannaone reunion https://twitter.com/527S2hwan2/status/1290627950740553728/video/1
The way Jinyoung’s vouce cracked right while saying I love you and Woojin imitated the crack hahahaha https://twitter.com/whatjinv/status/1290656830528589830/video/1
My favs in one frame
5/11 having fun together while performing
2PARK THINGS 💗 (2parkist magdiwang!)
Photos from the articles
Daehwi’s hand gesture reminded me of their greeting ‘All I wanna do, Wanna One’

Yeongwonhi WANNAONE
Just look at Jaehwan’s precious smile and Wink Deep beside him 🥺
Thank you so much too! I hope you guys enjoyed. May 08.04.20 be a reminder to everyone esp to wannables to be hapoy bc we will meet OT11 again soon when the spring breeze passes by. 💗

Happy wannaone (5/11) Happy Wannables (all over the world)
Chaotic (5/11) wannaone members but in Photos
Start of the performance and everyone was cheering for ab6ix
Ending performance of all the artist (1/2) Golden Wave Concert
Ending Performance for Golden Wave Concert (2/2)

I would like to give credits to all the respective owners of the pictures, screenshots, and clips! Thank you 💗
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