VIDEO from Beirut, Lebanon where explosions are reported at/near port area.
VIDEO # 2 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 3 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 4 :

Several local reports say the source of the explosion might be a ship containing chemicals. Unconfirmed. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 5 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 6:

Looks like a warehouse also went up in explosions. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 7 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 8:

Some reports also claim an oil depot blew up at the port. Still unconfirmed. No word on casualties. #Beirut #Lebanon

Lebanese Health Ministry says a ship carrying fireworks exploded at the port of Beirut. #Lebanon
Looks like Lebanese officials are sticking with the explanation of ship full of fireworks. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 9:

Crazy visuals coming out of Beirut port area from the aftermath of explosions. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 10:

Several injuries being reported by Arab media in explosions at Beirut port. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 11 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 12 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 13 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 14 from Beirut, Lebanon capturing the moment of the mega explosion.
Lebanese Red Cross says more than 15-20 people seriously wounded. #Beirut #Lebanon
Local witnesses say there were at least 2 explosions. #Beirut #Lebanon
Graphic visuals from Beirut, Lebanon.
Earlier a man interviewed by @LBCI_NEWS was claiming he saw a missile hitting the port. #Beirut #Lebanon
And another woman claimed she heard planes before the explosion. #Beirut #Lebanon
An apartment destroyed due to the explosions and the shockwaves produced. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 15 from Beirut, Lebanon following the explosions at port area.
More crazy visuals from Beirut, Lebanon.
IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 16 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 17 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 18 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 19 from Beirut, Lebanon

Reuters reports at least 10 dead in Beirut explosions.

Meanwhile, Israel officially denies any involvement in explosions in Beirut, Lebanon.
Meanwhile, Hezbollah denies reports that Israel struck Hezbollah weapons depot at Beirut port. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 20 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 21 from Beirut, Lebanon
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon.
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon.
Dozens and dozens of houses damaged in Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 22 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 23 from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 24 from Beirut, Lebanon
MORE IMAGES in this thread. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 25 from Beirut, Lebanon
WaPo story:
Director General Security in Lebanon: the source of the blast was high-explosive material that was confiscated years ago. #Beirut

Lebanese PM's wife, daughter and aides lightly injured in Beirut explosions: LBCI

VIDEO # 26 from Beirut, Lebanon:

This footage shows an upscale shopping malls in downtown Beirut destroyed following explosions far away in port area. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 27 from Beirut, Lebanon:

This footage shows office of Daily Star in Beirut completely destroyed. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 28 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 29 from Beirut, Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 30 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 31 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 32 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 33 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 34 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 35 from Beirut, Lebanon:

v @Beltrew
IMAGE from Beirut shows a dead body in the rubble. #Lebanon
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon
Absolute chaos in Beirut, Lebanon.
Beirut port area is completely destroyed. So is a very large part of Beirut city. Even buildings very far away from the port damaged heavily. Total destruction and chaos.
Smoke cloud from Beirut explosions reaches Damascus, Syria.
500 injured being treated at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut. Hospitals in the city are overwhelmed. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 36 from Beirut, Lebanon:

via @Samarsaeed
VIDEO # 37 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from St. Joseph's Hospital in Beirut. #Lebanon
Director General of Lebanese Customs tells Al-Mayadeen: ā€œTons of nitrate exploded at Beirut Portā€ #Lebanon
VIDEO # 38 from Beirut, Lebanon:

SnapChat footage from Beirut shows large convoy of Lebanese Army headed towards the port earlier today.
VIDEO # 39 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 40 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from downtown Beirut shows people running out of a shopping mall following the explosions at port area.
VIDEO # 41 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Another footage from a shopping mall in Beirut. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 42 from Beirut, Lebanon:

VIDEO # 43 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from a home in Beirut.
VIDEO # 44 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 45 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 46 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Beirut governor chokes up while talking to media, compares Beirut explosions with Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings
All Beirut hospitals have exceeded their capacity and cannot receive any further patients. #Lebanon
IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon:

Total. Destruction.
Qatar extends medical aid to Lebanon. #Beirut
VIDEO # 47 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from an office at the moment of mega explosion.
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon.
Lebanese media says residence of Lebanese President, Baabda Palace, damaged in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
The Secretary General of the Kataeb Party, Nizar Najarian, died after sustaining serious injuries in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 48 from Beirut, Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon.
Power outages in Beirut. Fires still raging. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 49 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 50 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 51 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 52 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 53 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from a shopping mall.
VIDEO # 54 from Beirut, Lebanon:
France offers assistance to Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES via AFP from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 55 from Beirut, Lebanon:

A house heavily damaged in Beirut.

VIDEO # 56 from Beirut, Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon
VIDEO # 57 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Another footage capturing the moment of mega explosion.
VIDEO # 58 via al-Arabiya from Beirut, Lebanon:

Strange smell reported in the air of Beirut around the area where explosions took place. Lebanese officials telling residents to vacate the area fearing spread of chemical fumes. #Lebanon
Al Roum hospital in Beirut significantly damaged in the explosions. #Lebanon
PHOTO of Secretary General of the Kataeb Party, Nizar Najarian, who died after sustaining serious injuries in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
Jordan's Seismological Observatory says Beirut explosion equivalent to 4.5 magnitude earthquake on Richter scale. #Lebanon
BREAKING: Calls of emergency blood donations throughout Beirut as hospitals are overwhelmed. #Lebanon

Lebanon health ministry says more than 25 killed and over 2000 injured in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon

More reports say at least 30 dead, around 2,500 injured. #Beirut #Lebanon
Russian media:

Russian embassy damaged in Beirut explosions. One embassy staff member wounded. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 59 from Beirut, Lebanon:

In rare move, Israel offers assistance to Lebanon. #Beirut
VIDEO # 60 from Beirut, Lebanon:
50 tons of material was being stored at Beirut port. This is crazy. #Lebanon
French aid on the move to Lebanon.
VIDEO # 61 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Lebanese PM's office damaged in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 62 via BBC from Beirut, Lebanon:
FAKE NEWS busted. #Beirut #Lebanon
MORE IMAGES (via @Aya_Majzoub) from Beirut, Lebanon.
MORE IMAGES (via @Aya_Majzoub) from Beirut, Lebanon.
Turkey also sending aid to Lebanon. #Beirut
Journalist report:

Iran says it does not consider Israel or any other country to be behind Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
Israel has offered humanitarian aid to Lebanon and conveyed the offer to Lebanese govt via UNIFIL and France.
Lebanese PM vows Beirut port explosion will not pass without accountability, and "revelations" will be made #Lebanon
Lebanese Health Ministry:

Over 30 dead, 3,000 wounded. #Beirut #Lebanon
UAE expresses solidarity with Lebanon.
Tweet by Israel's Benny Gantz:

Lebanese Health Minister says over 50 dead so far. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 63 (h/t @lookner) from Beirut, Lebanon:

Another footage capturing the moment of the mega explosion.
VIDEO # 64 from Beirut, Lebanon:

One more footage capturing the moment of the mega explosion.

Armenian embassy building damaged in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
U.S. State Department: We are ready to provide all possible assistance to Lebanon
Israeli President:
Lebanon Minister of Health: What happened today is bigger than the size of Lebanon as it stands and this disaster is a challenge to the state and a tragedy with distinction and there are more than 50 deaths
VIDEO # 65 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Bridal photo shoot disrupted by Beirut explosions.

UNIFIL ship damaged, some peacekeepers injured in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 66 from Beirut, Lebanon:
Saudi Arabia expresses solidarity with Lebanon.
Report of several people missing following Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
UAE's Burj Khalifa displays Lebanese flag. #Beirut
VIDEO # 67 via AFP from Beirut, Lebanon:
Reposting UNIFIL's tweet since they deleted their previous tweet.
Firefighters missing in Beirut. #Lebanon
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES from Beirut, Lebanon:
Number of victims of Beirut explosions expected to rise. #Lebanon
Trees uprooted. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 68 from Beirut, Lebanon:
MORE IMAGES (via @chehayebk) from Beirut, Lebanon.
Lebanese Minister of Health: 63 dead, more than 3000 injured so far. #Beirut #Lebanon
Israel working towards sending aid to Lebanon.

Lebanese Health Minister telling residents of Beirut to leave the city ASAP if they can, there are fears of deadly effects of explosions. #Lebanon
Death toll keeps rising:

Now 70 dead, over 3700 injured. #Beirut #Lebanon
"Preliminary security information talks about 2,700 tons of confiscated ammonium in the port exploded during the process of welding a small hole to prevent theft" #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 69 (via @thestevennabil) from Beirut, Lebanon:

Another crazy footage from Beirut shows a church at the moment of the explosion. Debris fell on priest and parishioners.
Rescue efforts ongoing, missing people being searched for. #Beirut #Lebanon
Tweet by Israeli PM:

Smoke clouds from Beirut reached Damascus, Syria.
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah's scheduled speech was cancelled. #Lebanon
BREAKING: Head of LAU Hospital calls for full evacuation of Beirut due to the dangerous and toxic materials in the air. #Lebanon
This is nuts. Lebanese authorities were storing 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate at the Beirut port since 2013. #Lebanon
BREAKING: US warns American citizens in Beirut to stay indoors and wear masks due to concerns of toxic material in the air. #Lebanon
Beirut blast radius. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 70:

al-Mayadeen News report from Beirut, Lebanon.

Lebanon's Supreme Defense Council: Beirut declared a disaster city and we have submitted a recommendation to the government to declare a state of emergency

Lebanese Economic Minister: Lebanon will face wheat shortage due to Beirut port explosions. #Lebanon
Iraq providing medical aid to Lebanon:

Death toll rises to 73 (source: Lebanese Health Ministry)

Meanwhile, multiple staff members of German embassy among those injured.

#Beirut #Lebanon
INSTAGRAM account up to locate those missing following #Beirut explosions. #Lebanon #OSINT

Lebanese PM declares state of emergency. #Beirut #Lebanon
Lebanese photojournalist Bilal Jawich captured photo of a nurse at Roum hospital while cradling 3 newborn babies just after the main explosion. #Beirut #Lebanon
VIDEO # 71 from Beirut, Lebanon showing the devastation:
Maxar satellite imagery from before the explosions at Beirut port. #Lebanon
The excellent Bellingcat OSINT report on Beirut port explosions. By @N_Waters89. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 72:

Lengthy VICE News video from Beirut, Lebanon.
Pompeo's statement on Beirut explosions, Lebanon.

h/t @IntelDoge
VIDEO # 73 from Beirut, Lebanon showing ongoing rescue work.
VIDEO # 74 from Beirut, Lebanon:

VIDEO # 75 from Beirut, Lebanon:

VIDEO # 76 from Beirut, Lebanon:
Total insanity. #Beirut #Lebanon

One Australian killed in Beirut explosions. #Lebanon
Lebanese Supreme Defense Council: Preparing Tripoli port for #Beirut port functions. #Lebanon
VIDEO # 77 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 78 from Beirut, Lebanon:

"Windows smashed and cat cowers at The Independent correspondent Bel Trew's apartment in Beirut" #Lebanon
VIDEO # 79 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage shows potentially toxic material in the air. #Beirut #Lebanon
3 field hospitals to arrive in Lebanon by tomorrow: 2 from Qatar and 1 from Iraq. #Beirut
VIDEO # 80 from Beirut, Lebanon:

Footage from another shopping mall.
VIDEO # 81 from Beirut, Lebanon:
VIDEO # 82 (via Reuters) from Beirut, Lebanon:

Mosque in Beirut damaged. #Lebanon
IMAGES (via local account) show one of the hospitals in Beirut heavily damaged. #Lebanon
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