Explosion in the port of Lebanon's capital, Beirut short time ago. Looks at least massive.

photos via @no_itsmyturn
Beirut now:
Aftermath of the blast:
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Powerful explosion in Beirut captured from different angle:
Another footage:
From Beirut street:
Al-Mayadeen reports dozens of wounded have been transferred to hospitals near the site of the explosion.
That's how the area around the port of Beirut looks now:

Perhaps the best footage of the explosion so far:
Streets of Beirut: https://twitter.com/ShehabAgency/status/1290676284729827328
Even closer footage:
Beirut Airport (around 10 km from the explosion) damaged in the blast at the port.

photo via @michaelh992
The closest you can get:
Lebanese army reinforcements and a large number of ambulances heading to Beirut to transport the wounded.

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Sadly, video from Al-Arabiya confirms the concerns about killed, not only wounded in the explosion in Beirut.

Warning: Graphic content.
More photos showing damage at the Beirut International Airport, around 10km from the blast.
Pentagon spokeswomen: We are watching the developments of the explosion in Beirut and it is too early to comment.

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More than 30 Lebanese Red Cross teams have moved to Beirut Port.

via @SkyNewsArabia_B
Director-General of Customs Badri Daher: A chemical ward exploded at Beirut Port.

via @SkyNewsArabia_B
Israel denies any involvement in Beirut blasts.

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It seems the explosion in the port of Beirut was felt in Cyprus. https://twitter.com/LastQuake/status/1290686442205839361
Reuters quoting Lebanese security and medical sources: At least 10 people killed, hundreds wounded in the explosions, numbers expected to rise dramatically.
Director-General of the Lebanese Public Security: What happened is not a bomb explosion, but a high explosive material that was confiscated (?) some time ago.

via @AlMayadeenLive
Beirut port and its surroundings.
Lebanon's President Aoun called the Supreme Defense Council for an emergency meeting this evening in Baabda Palace. - LBCI
US State Department: We are closely following the Beirut explosion reports and are ready to provide all possible assistance.

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