My college roommate/BFF just told me she decided to home school her kids (ages 7 & 5) b/c school starts on 8/6 but her idiotic district in Germantown, TN STILL hasn’t announced a coherent/virtual reopening plan. WTAF, Tennessee?! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Procrastination for DT AIN’T self-preservation.
She was like “how the hell is anyone supposed to make an informed decision?!” and all I could say was they expect us to make uninformed, political decisions from the gut, per Trump’s request. The GOP’s dishing out cult kool aid & just waiting to see how many deplorables drink it.
My friend’s 39 & White and has met plenty of like minded, liberal friends in her neighborhood, so to hear her process this moment really crystallized the battle being waged in the burbs between the 53% & 47% for me. Imagine being sent to slaughter by White MAGAt peer pressure. 🥴
Needless to say, White folk in the suburbs are in for a very rude awakening. Too many Americans think they successfully White-flighted themselves to safety and will be shocked & full of poutrage when the shit blows up in their faces and their kids bring Rona home to kill MeeMaw.
School districts are cowering in fear of Trump/the GOP and they’re doing it because both capitalism and White supremacy demand human sacrifice/bloodshed. #KamikazeKaren doesn’t really give a fuck about saving babies, her loyalty to racism puts her own kids on the chopping block.
This also happens to be the EXACT same reason Trump’s fearmongering about Joe browning the suburbs that have already been browning for decades despite Jim Crow’s damndest efforts. The GOP’s ultimate goal is to make fear of POC trump self-preservation (again). #SouthernStrategy101
I’ve already told y’all this is sociopathy umpteen times b4 so I’m not even gonna waste time repeating myself but you’ve also asked me how low they could go for years now and I’m here to answer that they’re willing to kill off their whole family tree for apartheid now (again). 👹
I repeat:
At this juncture there really isn’t much material difference between MAGAts and the Southerners who took up arms for the Confederacy against the Union. The whole country’s losing the war against Rona b/c racists everywhere are too busy relitigating the Civil War 155 years later.
Bottom line is these are fucked up individuals who cope with life’s tribulations by dehumanizing and oppressing other people as a collective force in American politics. The privilege & power are addicting to the point of self-destruction and they can’t be saved from themselves.
I don’t know what other deplorable shit folk need to see MAGAts do before they’ll catch on to the reality that American Whiteness™️ as a social construct is abusive & atrocious to its OWN SELF, but making their kids sacrificial lambs for Trump should prove it beyond doubt.
I’ve had this same discussion with all of my BFFs who still live in TX too, some Black, some White, some moms and some not, but across the board we’re all appalled at White America’s response to boundary setting. We’re having to home school b/c of folk with shitty home training.
The cat’s already been outta the bag that they DGAF if BIPOC survive Rona so what the reopening debate reveals is how stubbornly they’ll cling to White supremacist mythology even when White bodies are piling up too. It’s not love of self, it’s hatred of others that drives them.
Again, none of this is breaking news b/c we’ve already seen them refuse to try gun reform despite a classroom full of 1st graders being massacred. The larger issue is the continued normalization of mayhem, psychopathology & chaos simply b/c it’s been sanctioned by Whiteness™️.
The GOP base has assigned White savior status to Trump and every GOP official they’ve sent to DC, but it’s that same deification that grants this fascist genocide permission and impunity to EAT ITS OWN offspring. They’ve been psychologically groomed to abort life & devolve.
We’re way past empty pockets now, we’re onto empty houses and overflowing cemeteries territory, but the lowest White man still knows the cops won’t get away with unlawfully killing him, so he takes paradoxical pride in voluntarily putting his life in Trump’s racist White hands.
I don’t know what the future holds but I guaranfuckingtee you conditions will NOT improve until folk stop pretending we aren’t in this disaster b/c of unfettered White supremacy and unexamined White privilege. If they’ll kill their own kids, they have NO PLANS for a future.
IOW, if America’s future entails White people losing majority status (it does) they’d rather die and burn the whole joint down on their way out. It’s akin to mass shootings, in their minds refusal to wear a mask is going out in a blaze of White glory. You can’t reason with that.
Also to keep it all the way real with y’all, America’s racists gave up on the public school system the millisecond Brown v Board was decided and have been White flighting ever since b/c they didn’t wanna share education w/BIack folk. MAGA wants the early 50s back so fucking hard.
Trust me, I see why they’re salty b/c I’m a product of the integration of TX suburbs AND public schools, but they didn’t see folk like me coming from anywhere in America because they were too busy reassuring themselves that we’re inferior until WE moved into the White House. 💅🏾
No amount of sugarcoating this shit will change the fact that the Whitelash retaliation for Obama (as it’s manifested in Trump) is a FASCIST GENOCIDE. They asked for this and got it, there’s no sense in expecting them to admit mistakes were made when they’re doing it on purpose.
When America’s suburbs become Rona war zones at the behest of the White majorities who live there, pay close attention to who gets the blame for debunking the egregious LIE of “pro-life” Republican “family values” b/c they still won’t blame themselves or White supremacy.
As is the case in any toxic/abusive relationship with a sociopath, the breakup/separation phase is most fraught with danger. If Trump/the GOP can’t have the White suburban majority, they’d rather kill it off completely than see it rebound with Joe. Our kids are collateral damage.
Ultimately our kids were always collateral damage and the White “moderate” moms who’ve been voting GOP to “save the babies” for the last ~50 YEARS have really been voting to save segregation & White supremacy all along. Add *this* history lesson to your home school curriculum: 📚
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