Spill or Drink with Hoggies.

the whole thread will be based on the writer’s pov thus will have no correlation with the person that the writer is portraying.

note: ⚠️ 18+
O2. sometimes, but not often.
O3. 🖇 attached.
O4. if i really have to pick... the first one, i think—
O5. nope.
O6. how you say it. something good can be bad depending on how you carry out your words and vice versa.
O7. collarbone.
O8. enthusiasm.
O9. sensory deprivation.
1O. giving off the vibes of someone who has multiple accounts whilst only having one.
11. rolls up in my blanket and proceeds to turn on my playlist.
but if you are ever in need
and God has you down on your knees,
and you do not know who to be,
then go on and come home to me. https://open.spotify.com/track/2Q3QRjA8MjzqpFaIkFludb?si=vf3ywfBPSlGTjRD-O9-cQQ

the image of happy-go-lucky girl you see is a distorted reflection of truth. her smile will soon be replaced with tightly shut, trembling lips when nightfall arrives.

waking up as the other gender, perhaps 😳
15. @m_myoui
16. the list of things you dislike/hate about me ☺️
17. i want to see penguins at the very least so, the latter!
18. how she mends my broken parts without making me feel inadequate nor in a way that reflects pity. how she’s always ever so gentle with me and my childish spontaneous side. how she hugs and clings on me any time of day (and night). how she calms my storms.
19. depends. i’d ask, at the very least. would love to hear the reasons or the base of the so said remark. i’d take it as a suggestion and i could use it for further improvements.
2O. you’re doing great, sweetie. in all honesty, i’m intrigued to befriend you in an even closer way. such a friendly and warm person, admirable.

p.s.: squishable too.
21. misunderstandings accompanied by unspoken things. we prioritized one another ahead of our respective selves up to the point of neglecting what really mattered, missed out on the things that needed to be said.
23. seeing your face, hearing your voice, watching you enjoying your life really warms my heart up. how you motivated yourself until you’ve come this far, i look up to you so much. and of course, loving you with all of my heart, the angelic soul that you are.
24. a home date. home-made dinner, movie marathon, cuwdles, more cuwdles.
26. bottling things up.
27. retort back.
28. did you, ever, regret us?
29. i’m not opposed to this nor agreeing to this. i think everyone has their own reasons to do things, as long as whatever they’re doing is fully under their awareness then i don’t see anything wrong with it. i mean, they know the consequences, right.
3O. ”i don’t think i can do this, we just can’t.”
31. Slytherin.

interesting house with amusing fellows. often misunderstood but as said, perhaps you’ll find your real friends there.
kill: @drunkyeom (you know i wouldn’t, right? 😌)

kiss: @hyeloons

marry: @myourimina
33. the future.
34. it’s quite a hassle at times, really. being a better version of one self sounds like a pleasant idea as well, so yeah, why not.
35. dishonesty, arrogance, one-sided forceful condemnation, baseless accusations, brash behavior.
36. 🖇 attached.
37. 🖇 attached.
38. 🖇 attached.
39. one RP. one CA.
4O. 🖇 attached.
41. a dog.
43. date someone i loved more than they could love me.

it would be nice if it could be mutual though.
45. as NSFW as it could get.

🖇 attached.
46. never done it, so— yeah.
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