IFPRI's @Jo_Swinnen on #COVID19 impacts on food systems and nutrition security, with impacts on #poverty #IFPRIBookLaunch
John McDermott @A4NH_CGIAR on the future of #foodsystem innovation post #COVID19
Our panel discussion is underway! If you have any questions for our panelists, ask them 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ in this thread -- don’t forget to include your name, affiliation, country. 😄 #IFPRILive #IFPRIBookLaunch
The pandemic "is a stress that came on an already distressed system, especially for small farmers and supply chains" – @DrPurviMehtaM @gatesfoundation
"We're struggling with data [on COVID19 and food systems]. A lot of data used for decision making were outdated. ... that had an impact on policy decisions, and a lot of those were knee-jerk decisions," Apollos Nwafor @Apollos77 @AGRAAlliance
Our panel on #COVID19 and global #foodsecurity is continuing here http://bit.ly/IFPRICovidBookLaunch ... If you have a question, please post in this thread and use #askIFPRI – please include your name, affiliation, country.
The #COVID19 pandemic "has been exacerbating inequalities that already existed," especially in rural areas – @MaximoTorero #IFPRIBookLaunch #foodsecurity
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