when republicans screw up, democrats just dont jump on it. ive seen it in action for decades now. it isn't a question of media access or any of that. its simply cultural. it costs nothing for a democratic lawmaker to simply release a statement or a tweet. you dont need fox.
but they just don't.

republicans do. when a democrat makes the slightest mistake, or even the appearance of one, republicans know: jump on this, mock it, attack it, shred it to bits. and that generates coverage, nationally, locally. the press covers friction.
but democrats? they don't do it. every once in a while, maybe. but in a systematic, daily way? not even close.
if a democratic president said "it is what it is" during a pandemic that has killed thousands of americans, it would be on the lips of every republican for months, years on end. this morning you can barely see any democrats mentioning it.
"WHy are you beatING UP On thE DeMoCrats, tHE repUbLICanS ARE ThE REAl pRoblEM?"

because its the democrats job to do this, and they aren't.
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