“They are dying. That’s true. And it is what it is.”

Genuinely one of the most damning things he’s said.
Remember when Hillary Clinton said “What difference at this point does it make?” when being hammered with question after question about the motivation for the Benghazi attack? It became a big GOP attack line.

The GOP took that quote out of context to make it sound like she was being flippant about four Americans dying. For instance, from Pence’s 2016 RNC speech:
They got a lot of mileage out of that quote, convincing people that she was saying that it didn’t matter that people died in Benghazi (when she was saying that the specific motivation for the attack was secondary to the fact that people were killed).
Now Trump *actually does the thing they acted so offended about, but on a much, much, much larger scale.*

1,000 people dying from a mostly-preventable disease each day, but President Grandpa doesn’t care about anything other than his TV ratings.
The eye roll is just... wtf
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