After investigating the absolute and total fiasco know as the @carterwpage FISA warrant, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced his office would review 29 other FISA warrants submitted by the FBI to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court & report the findings.
Horowitz released his report on his review of the 29 other FBI FISA applications in March. In that review he stated he found the FBI didn’t follow it’s own rules for securing warrants. I recall he stated several of these warrants did not have the required Woods File info.
This new report just released is from John Demers , the Assistant AG for a National Security.

In it, he says his office followed up on Horowitz’s report by checking to see if any major fraud was engaged in by the FBI to get any of these 29 warrants.
This is what Demers said:
Right now I’ve got a hysterically funny troll in the comments who thinks the Carter Page warrant was part of this review, so his reading is that Demers just said the Carter Page FISA warrant was A-OK or something.

These people are stupid.

Perfect example.
Horowitz and his investigators investigated the Carter Page warrant issues for almost two years.

In his report released last December, Horowitz demonstrated that:
1. The FBI never interviewed or attempted to verify the info from Steele alleging Page was a Russian agent before using that info in the warrant.

2. Not until Page warrant was up for 1st renewal did the FBI interview Steele’s source...who DISAVOWED telling Steele this info.
3. Despite the alleged source disavowing, the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team ones on to renew this fraudulent warrant three subsequent times.

4. Far from being a Russian agent, Carter Page was a CIA ASSET who had just helped the CIA bust up a spy ring & send a spy to prison.
5. To **hide** the fact Carter Page was a good guy & a CIA asset from the FISA Court, Crossfire Hurricane team member Kevin Clinesmith deliberately altered an official communique from the CIA in response to the FBI’s query about Page being their asset.
This is why Clinesmith’s picture appears here. He’s under investigation by US Attorney John Durham for forging evidence to get the FISA renewals of the Page warrant.

(He’s next to James Clapper on the bottom right)
6. In fact, Horowitz discovered the Crossfire Hurricane team also hid from the FISA Court that Steele was a paid political operative working for the Clinton campaign. Which was pretty relevant info if he’s your source for spying on the OTHER campaign in the election.
If idiots claim Demer’s new report about the **other** 29 FISA warrants Horowitz reviewed somehow nullifies or reverses his December report on the FBI’s Carter Page warrant shenanigans, well idiots will do what idiots will do.

It can’t be helped. 🤷‍♂️
NED! 😏
The entire POINT of Horowitz reviewing 29 other FBI FISA warrants after he finished with the Carter Page warrant in December was to determine if the same acts of fraud & hiding evidence & material facts from the Court had occurred in other surveillance cases.
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