Inspired by the recent topic #BillClintonIsAPedo, I would like to share with world the truth behind the Serbian province #Kosovo, today a partially-recognized state, yet protected by 1244 UN resolution and the constitution of Serbia.

Stay with me until the end 👇
This story includes some of
the crimes against humanity done by KLA, #ClintonCrimeFamily and its administration, as well as the crimes of a #deepstate members who're still, 2 decades after, holding all the strings in the Balkan region, including #Serbia.

#BillClintonIsAPedo 👇
There was very well organized mass propaganda brought to you by the mainstream media which aim was demonization of Serbs in order to justify the #NATObombing.

The truth was completely different 👇

Between June 1999 and March 2004. around 155 #SerbianOrthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed by Albanians.

Do you see similarities with recent events in the USA and around the world where #Antifa terrorists used to burn and destroy cities?

Unfortunately, #KosovoiMetohija is not the only sanctity that has been taken from Serbia in the past 2 decades.

Besides #humanorgantrafficking done in a collaboration between Albanian #KLAfighters and #ClintonCrimeFamily, there were thousands of cases of missing children...
Mother Teresa was Albanian 👇
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