We CLAIM to be a tribe of Jews? Then how come no chitpavan कुळवृत्तान्त (detailed directory of a clan) ever recorded such a thing?

A thread on our ancestry. https://twitter.com/ashokkmrsingh/status/1290488765148930048
Our very NON- JEWISH ancestors:
Your claim is based on some mischievous blogs online, who've considered shady haplotype studies to define our Jewish ancestry. While our ancestry(mythological included) contradicts this claim, let's just consider for arguments sake that the haplotype studies are true.

Our mythological ancestry that's CLAIMED by us:

Info for the above thread taken by the book:
Chitpavan Konkanasth Brahmins' history (pre and proto)- author Vibhakar Lele (himself a chitpavan)
14 main gotras (along with pravara) of chitpavans as follows:

Taken from the official website of Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik.
Sir, your tweets have a lot of audience. It can lead to misinformation and false perceptions regarding the ancestry of my small coastal community.

Also us inviting EIC is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

I humbly request you to delete the tweet.
- A Chitpavan.
🙄🙄🙄 absolutely disgusted ngl
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