Every item on this thread had at least 1 person attacking me publicly/sending me DM insults, inferring that I lied about something for the sake of a political agenda, ignoring the message to quibble about a minor detail, or defending it outright.

Your leaders aren't the problem. https://twitter.com/DavidHundeyin/status/1289902176001617925
Also, some had aneurysms because I included Eko Atlantic, as if the tern "white elephant" is mutually exclusive with "private sector."

FYI, the planet is littered with private sector white elephants. Google "The World Islands, Dubai" for instance.
Eko Atlantic fits the dictionary definition of a white elephant.

Conceived to solve a nonexistent problem.

Ruinously expensive without a clear cut route to viability.

Built using wildly optimistic economic projections that don't pan out.

Unclear completion tineline.
FYI, the city of Abuja meets 3 of those 4 criteria and can be called a white elephant too.
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