When you're a public figure, especially a Nigerian, many of us admirers become electrified at news about you that steers our excitement, some good, and many that are bad. A 2-way traffic of 'praise & cancel' that social media engenders.
If @tokstarr have dissed people who are truly broke as broke, adding traction to news that portrays her as broke is a consolation that ends as banter. Nigerians can be empathetic, and will never truly derive pleasure seeing her become homeless, or watch injustice mete out at her.
Its hard to tell where rumour about her losing a Banana Island house broke out from, but now we know this is fakenews. For this we owe her an unreserved apology. Its unlikely @DOlusegun started this as there's no pecuniary gain in it for him. Decently, he also deleted the tweet.
I wasn't part of the event in question, but I may have, if I was bored. I apologize for the agony the house seizure fakenews may caused @tokstarr. We all owe her this. We could have done better. She puts all her strength in her works, without any left to stomach lies about her.
@DOlusegun may have reflected on this remorsefully. Deleting his post in good conscience, not out of fear.
@tokstarr shouldn't allow us beg for long. God will grant her grace.We need to save some energy for the day we will follow her to the international stage as one of our own.
@tokstarr's lawyers shouldn't misled her into making enemies for her en vogue brand. This matter should launch her for further mileage. Her interest is better served in the court of public opinion and she has been vindicated. "Let’s put aside all the may i, if i may, my Lord."
Now that @tokstarr has acknowledged we are forgiven, let me confess there was a day my wife almost caught me opening her pictures during a church service.
@tokstarr is doing well. We are only afraid of being caught by culture and religion seeing us say so.
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