This is a cycle on twitter now

Me and others pointed out there was a problem w/ Biden Vice Presidential search process

Something was off

Cue: The unfollows, the diatribes abt we are just whiny ppl on twitter

No one in real life thinks this way
Now zz week(s) later:

Almost complete media consensus

Commentary from former Political operatives (Democrat and Republican) that there is:

Something wrong with Vice Presidential search process
I have been donating to Joe Biden from his announcement

this is not a failure of loyalty

Noticing something wrong and having a opinion about it - should not get you voted off the Island
Y’all expectations that nothing is going to go wrong is odd

Your expectation that ppl should not point it out - strange

And yes I can see a flaw and still be a fan of the campaign

Campaign operations are the orchestrations of a 100 things in unison. Errors happens
Say it with me

The VP process went wrong

They have time to fix but not much.

Their process should never be replicated again. Whatever shitshow it was in the past- this was Ringling Brother
Also important to note the past timeline doesn’t mean shit.

September 15 Americans will have a ballot in their hand.

That was not the case as much When President Obama ran for office

Using the past as a crutch is one way to make big mistakes
We are in a COVID crisis. A lot of traditional methods of campaigning are off the table.

Meaning our media presence in August is more critical than even under Hillary Clinton and definitely more so than 08

We have less days to the start of voting
So ppl sound stupid as hell to me - when they bring up the timeline in 08

As if you have not been trapped in your damn house for several months to not notice - shit may be different

Voting is different, when you vote, how you vote, where..all has changed
If you are running the same campaign in 2020 that you ran in 08 - you are really bad at this

Like really.

Times change, and we aren’t putting on the county fair. This is an election you change w/ it.

Anticipation of what next is your main job
And that is what I think must have went wrong

Biden advisors on the VP search are where he sent his oldest and loyal friends

They seem to be the type you cannot tell them anything - they know everything already
Biden VP team knows everything and everyone

They already know how this works. They lived the history

They probably don’t want to be advised


We have new media markets
Timelines for voting are different w/ new legal deadlines

Even 08 seems like too long ago
Pointing out there was a visible problem - got such a strange reaponse of almost from many of you- just unfollow me now.

In 2016, we criticize Sec Clinton now for not running a flawless campaign as if that is possible.

But won’t acknowledge issues - now when we can change it
We are all here to get Vice President Biden elected

Some of us contribute different things to the discourse

If an occasionally critical word is too much especially when I am talking about the process and not the person

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