I feel like giving up.

A thread on why I won’t.


We are learning new things about #COVID19 daily and rushing school openings is wrong. It’s meant to scare parents away from public schools before Sept. 30th so they lose their funding to homeschooling and private schools.

This makes me sad for all our kids future.

Shandro calls me overpaid and expendable almost daily now. While I work to save lives and make people feel better, I am being discredited and attacked on social media and media by his supporters.

This makes me sad for my colleagues that may not have as much support
Parks/Natural Resources

Kenney is delisting parks so they don’t have take care of them. Then they aren’t technically “parks” and can be sold for profit. And they will he sold to companies that want to steal Alberta’s resources for a sweet deal and a small price in royalties.
Healthcare 2.0

This weekend I learned that the reason public healthcare isn’t high-quality yet is because we’ve been carving it apart and selling parts off for years. Fully fund it, ask patients and front-line providers, not vendors and CEOs how to make it sustainable. https://twitter.com/samanthamyhr/status/1290139727891374080
So I’m signing off Twitter for a week. My family need me back and they’ve given too much of their time with me to this fight with Shandro to defend #OurAlberta

Of course, I’d love to come back and find out I have some new followers. I might even pop in once to troll Matt Wolf.
But please follow some of the accounts below. The collaborators. They aren’t just doing their own thing without thinking of others. They are bringing us together. Share one vision for better public services, equity, and justice for all Albertans.

Then #GeneralStrike ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼
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