I just want to say to all my family there, meaning all of you who read this, let's just breathe for a second. Whatever problems we might be facing in the present, past, future, we can surpass those. Because all of us here are strong, smart, individuals who+
Supports and love two men, may it be individually or both, we all just feel the same. I really love how this fandom fights for their individuals because they know better than those people who just speak because of what they see and hear, and I really respect every one of you who+
thrive to let people believe what we have seen because we know how beautiful our individuals made this fandom be inspired by them and spread the love as they do. Seeing all the drama and issues in here makes me sad tbh, but I think we all know that we can't+
save everyone and everything. So basically I don't have the power to make people understand the reason why judgments need to be based on every side. Not just yours, theirs, but everyone. I don't wish and hope for this fandom to be my safe place and happiness, because that will+
be so selfish of me. But remember that we have friends and families here that we can lean on to. Issues come and go, the struggles in this fandom come and go, but the people who support in this fandom stays and that's more enough. I wish all of the people having a bad time here+
or just having a hard time because of things, I really want to say, "You've done your best. You're strong to still fight over what you think is right. And that I want you to know you're appreciated. Thank you for your hard work in this fandom. Let's all stay together for a long+
time. I love you." I will never forget how this fandom changed my life, better or worse, the memories I have here is better than the life I have in real life because the people I met here is more like a family to me. And that meeting the men who inspired me to be at my best+
I'm really thankful. I hope everyone will take a breather and just close your eyes for a bit. Don't stress out too much and take care of yourself too. I love you, whoever reads this, my door is always open for you.

I hope everyone will have a nice day and let me just say+
MewGulf is real.

And that is real for me.
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