At a time when even the world's largest companies are moving away from Coal, Indian govt is pinning its hopes on new coal auctions to supposedly "end decades of lockdown". Is this a good idea in your opinion, tell us in the comments below. ⁠ #KoylaHataoAdivasiBachao

We have seen time and again, what happens when politicians ignore science and chose a populist rhetoric. The present ongoing pandemic is a rude example of that as well. We only wish that each one of you tells @JoshiPralhad that #KoylaHataoAdivasiBachao
@mundaarjun look!

Coal is bad for the environment and it is worse for the Adivasis who are evicted from their land and face pollution from the mines. ⁠
#AdivasiLivesMatter #KeepItInTheGround
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