This is a thread to examine the child rape allegations against trump. I detail his connections to known creeps & describe his behavior to prove the victims' allegations could actually be true.

Data in each post is accompanied by sources & an analysis when necessary.
(2/5)...the Katie Johnson story for up to $1M, after learning about the events from Johnson. He used a pseudonym "Al Taylor".

Lubow's attempts to make money from Johnson's story doesn't discredit her claims at all. Johnson never asked him to do that either.

She would..
(3/5)..later receive formal council & pursue the lawsuit until she felt her life was in danger, close to the 2016 elections. Seeing what happened to Epstein, I don't blame her.

Whether trump is eligible for immunity under epstein's sweetheart deal is contested.

(4/5) called a “non-prosecution agreement,” granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators,” meaning that if any of Epstein’s powerful friends were involved in his crimes, they would face no consequences in Florida.

Trump, a neighbor & a friend of epstein..
(5/5)...with whom he partied for years definitely falls under the category of "potential co-conspirator". Especially since he's been accused of child rape & various sexual assaults as well.

The deal was arranged by Acosta & Dershowitz after all.
Dershowitz' comments defending his "pedo op-ed"

Original Op-ed

Barr had to recuse himself from at least one epstein investigation since he worked in the law-firm that got epstein the "Sweetheart Deal".
4. (1/2) It's notable that Donald Barr also wrote a novel about ultra wealthy aliens, debauched and bored and unable to be satisfied by their riches, start to kidnap humans as sex slaves, transporting them into space to be given as illegal playthings of the super rich!
5 (1/2) Acosta's illegal secret deal.

Acosta's attempts to cut funding,

Some trumpers say Acosta was immediately fired by trump who was shocked & surprised,

Facts: Trump told reporters at the White House that Acosta has been...
6. These are the elaboration of the child rape allegation from the first picture. Now we look at trump's own creepiness + creep connections.

(Sorry, it's all scattered around, but I will link to an organized timeline thread by "presidential penis" at the end)
7. Trump's most infamous quote on epstein praises the "terrific" child sex trafficker for his "younger girls".

Epstein's little Black book. ''They were close friends'' would be an understatement.
8. (1/5) "Trump collaborated with the investigations though!" is a defense offered by many fans.

Facts: He was subpoenaed. he didn't have much of a choice. Those who refused with the subpoenas should be named, shamed & (possibly) imprisoned.
(2/5)Length of trump's friendship with epstein is also contested. They became neighbors in 1990 & James Patterson's book seems to suggest they became close pretty much immediately thanks to Ghislaine Maxwell.(quoted in tweet)

Earliest visuals on record,
(3/5) trump claims their friendship was over by 2004 but epstein has denied the claims of his expulsion from Mar-a-lago. Trump's 2004, Dec. 28 book put epstein with Elvis in trump's friendships, this backs epstein's claims further.
(2/2) bill clinton flying with epstein is a big deal to trumpers, what about dear leader? We don't have much of their flying records yet. We have one confirmed instance so far,

Epstein's brother has confirmed they flew together numerous times.
10. Some people argue trump was exclusively talking about "Miss Universe" but he's clearly referring to the pageants he owns, which included Miss teen USA. And the miss teen contestants have said he walked in on them as well.
(2/2) What kind of father takes his young daughter to meet epstein?!! One thing I gained by looking into this creep is some sympathy for Ivanka . She seems like a victim of her parents especially trump. More to follow on her childhood.
12. (1/3)Mark epstein story,

Lady Victoria story. This puts the unholy trinity of bill,trump & epstein all together in one party. And Andrew to boot.

Virginia Roberts mentioned trump in 2011 to a Daily Mail reporter in her...
13. (1/6) Now to the tragic childhood of Ivanka. She was basically thrown to known pedophiles by her parents, as a kid! It's also highly possible that trump used her as a pawn for political & financial gain.

Casablancas modelling career,
(2/6) Trump at Anand Jon's fashion show with none other than Maxwell herself!

Anand Jon story,
(3/6) Like a lamb to the slaughter,
(4/6) Here you can see a visibly upset Ivanka on the same day she met Epstein. She seems really shook up (This is from the Harley Davidson event from 11th data-sheet)

Trump's putrid glee make this pic 100% obscene.
(5/6) A collection of of trump's creepy behavior with Ivanka.
(6/6) This is a particularly disturbing image of Tevfik Arif, trump's friend & business associate apparently feeling up Ivanka as trump watches on.

More on Tevfik Arif's prostitution rings,
14. Ivana was also grooming children with Maxwell! What a surprise!

Ransome story, Epstein possibly got those tapes back from her as part of the settlement.

Kraft story (no pedophilia, just trafficking),
15. (1/9)
An interesting but non-vetted story about trump's modelling agency & trafficking.
(3/9) w T Arif
(5/9) w the one died for the Cabal. Burn in hell jeffery, if you're really dead (I'm not the one for conspiracies but, anything is possible when people this rich & powerful are involved)
(6/9) w Casablancas.
(7/9) w Anand Jon
(8/9) Dershowitz in the White House!!!!!! How low have you fallen America?!!!! The Mayans were correct, the world apparently did end as we knew it in 2012.
(9/9) w Roy Cohn the devil himself, with whom it all started. Read up,
Other trump defenses(1/5)

1.Until trump, the FBI didn't care about Epstein.

Facts: FBI investigated & indicted Epstein. He was let go by the state of Florida with a slap on the wrist by Acosta & Dershowitz, you know where those heroes ended up.

2. Trump & Barr started the...
(2/5)...investigations that got epstein arrested.

Facts: Neither Barr nor trump ordered any investigation into epstein. SDNY did all the work.
1. The duo however let Epstein die in prison.
2. Barr not only refused to recuse himself, he was unusually personally involved in...
(3/5)...Epstein suicide investigations which he declared as "just suicide, no foul play" in the end.

3. Tried to derail SDNY investigations by installing their crony as their head (Berman got his deputy, Audrey his post (acting attorney) & she's leading the investigations atm)
(5/5)...Yet somehow ended up with hiring Acosta, Dershowitz & Barr? Come on, man.. Ask yourself, why are all the big shots still roaming free? Andrew? Bill? Acosta? Dershowitz? None of them is going to prison as trump himself is compromised.
The promised "presidential penis" thread.

You can also learn about Bill's epstein connections from there.

Please leave your partisanship at the door.

Trump is a quite creepy & is associated with known pedos & sex traffickers.

He's credibly accused of rape & sexual assaults by over 24 women. (his refusal to provide DNA for a cross-check speaks volumes).

It's highly likely his accusers are telling the truth.
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