They call us “dole bludgers”, but we want so much more than just social security payments.
We want a wage that can support our families in and out of work. We want jobs that provide for affordable homes, utilities and adequate food. We want safe work and permanent salaried employment. We want healthy communities.
We want adequate supervision, parental and sick leave, overtime payments, equal work for equal pay, childcare, farm labor rights, OH&S, and union representation on site.
We want accessible, affordable healthcare, transport and free public education.
We want pensions for people with disabilities, the chronically ill and the elderly that allow them to live with dignity.
We seek an end to the surveillance, vilification and criminalisation of the unemployed.
We aim to abolish ‘Mutual Obligations’ and ‘Work For The Dole.’ We demand a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.
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