Ok this is DEFINITELY time for a thread.

As a delivery driver and Home Depot/Lowes frequenter, I've noticed that 2020 among other things has been the year of the battery-operated tool.

@RYOBItoolsusa has their line. @MilwaukeeTool has their line. @DEWALTtough has their line.
Hell, does @MarthaStewart have a line of lithium-ion driven tools?

The point of this thread is:

Why in God's name does @Tesla not have a set of battery operated tools?

Oh yeah, I'm sorry, they're "busy." Seriously don't give me that lump of feces. They need to sign a company.
They need to sign a company and put their badge on an @elonmusk certified "this will get the job done forever and it ain't never going to break, either" set of battery powered tools.

They need to put their Mobile Techs in @Tesla Model X/Y and load them up with @Tesla tools.
They need to have a collection of GPS-tagged, auto-sign-out-via-your- @Tesla-account, charged and ready at every Supercharger station set of tools.

Don't let us suffer through the "which tool set should I go to" debacle. Let us have our hand tools and our lawnmowers and
our weedwackers and our posthole diggers and eventually our backhoes and tractors. Jesus guys can I at least get a retweet on this "wow why didn't anyone think of that one before that lunatic did" thread?

Our battery resources are LIMITED.
These other guys who are farting around with "yeah it's good but it'll break a month out of warranty and then you'll buy a new one and by then you're hooked on our voltage and charging protocol" tools need a right hook to the jaw.

I mean come on, @elonmusk. How hard could it be?
You better initiate that conversation, @RYOBItoolsusa

Don't wait until Ryobi does it, @DEWALTtough

You're already the right color, @MilwaukeeTool

You better not wait for Martha.
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