@sajo121 and I started watching #ImmigrationNation today. I am livid and also not shocked because I know the lies and tricks ICE utilizes. Anyone who does not understand the atrocities committed by ICE needs to watch it. There should be no doubt that we need to #AbolishICE
Every time someone opened the door when agents presented themselves as “police”, stated “they just wanted to talk”, or broke into buildings, I was not surprise and also reminded of why sharing info is crucial is keeping communities safe from the inhumane treatment by ICE.
Yet sharing of information is still a tiny piece of the puzzle until the ICE is abolished. The various ways that agents "justified" their actions or somehow omitted their responsibility was enraging.
I want university administrators who do not understand the reasoning and urgency of severing contracts/relationships with ICE to watch each horrible thing documented in #ImmigrationNation. Nothing justifies inaction. Inaction makes you complicit. #SAchat
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