The Next Time A #DelusionalLiberal Tries To Tell You @PortlandPolice Attacked #PortlandProtesters Unprovoked” Just Show Them This. (A Thread Of Precursers To #PoliceAction Against The #Rioters)
Day 28 They Set Dumpsters On Fire And Even Tried Lighting A Black Owned Business Attached To The Precinct On Fire. But I Thought #BlackLivesMatter To These People...
Many of the #DelusionalLeft want to dismiss actions like this by saying: “But they’re ONLY water bottles!” Ok buttercup, you stand there and I’ll throw a full water bottle at your head. Tell me how that feels. I’ll even freeze a couple of them for effect! (Like they do!)
Trying to blame @DHSgov and @USMarshalsHQ for causing the violence in #PortlandOregon is laughable at best. 7/2 was the first day #FPS engaged with “ #protesters” because they were peeling plywood off the building to add to the #ElkStatue bonfire. Even then, it was minimal.
@DHSgov Didn’t fully engage the #Rioters until the #FourthofJuly when they broke a window on the front of the courthouse and started throwing fireworks inside. #FPS put up with hours of assault before they left the building and dispersed the crowd.
On Day 43, #FPS Was A Little More Aggressive (Sarcasm) With The Protesters As You Can See In This Clip. They Attempted To Stay Inside The Building And It Took A Lot For Them To Leave And Physically Clear The Parks.
On Day 52, #PortlandProtesters attempted to break into the courthouse for hours, and set multiple fires before @DHSgov #FPS engaged.
On Day 56, #FederalOfficers were under constant attack inside the fence. They attempted to use tear gas, flash bangs, pepper balls, and more to disperse the crowd for hours before sending officers in from the other federal building.
On Day 58 #PortlandProtesters threw fireworks, started fires, and even used power saws to remove fence panels to get into the federal courthouse. @DHSgov #FPS officers allowed these actions and did not engage for hours until they breached the fencing.
On Day 59 you can see how bold these “ #Protesters” are when they attempt to physically interfere with an arrest.
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