(1) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing starts with rapid monotone recitation of bland text “on medicine and medical and what we’re doing and in a way you wouldn’t believe, I have to tell you.”
(2) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump back to doing more random freestyle bullshit comments sprinkled into prepared text. Today “you wouldn’t believe” is the most repeated old phrase, 8x in first 5 minutes.
(3) Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump freestyles false claims about “incredible telehealth.” Reads statistics he doesn’t understand. Laughable nonsense. This is spaceholding filler, not news at all. Ventilators! Like nobody has ever heard before!
(4) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump sniffs & squints, ad libs bullshit re plasma, false claims re mortality, vaccine. Claims vaccines are in final stage?!
(5) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump takes questions. Answers with witch hunt, Mueller, Strok, Page, rambling “It’s a terrible thing they do.” What was the question?
(6) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump rambles calf splatter re ventilators, testing, Birx, Pelosi, says “We’re doing very well.” He can’t understand the questions. Bullshits re TikTok. “We’ll see what happens.”
(7) #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Monday Fake Briefing - Trump continues to wander off the question, rant about mail-in ballots, his bullshit re “darkness of night without people double mailings it’s a disgrace” calf splatter.
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