The political right doesn’t offer a better life for ordinary people, especially not for those marginalized. Nor the fiscal responsibility they claim to care about. So they use a domestic version of techniques employed in malign influence operations.

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The most successful propaganda & disinformation campaigns are not the ones that invent out of whole cloth. Rather, to achieve lasting goals, the more skillful of these operations, will exploit legitimate issues & preexisting beliefs.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Skillful propaganda campaigns will weaponize those elements to create a narrative desired by the perpetrators of the influence operation.

The very components of an open society that we value, are inverted & used against our better interests.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Let’s take #WEScandal, for example. Many of us have legitimate issues with big charities, myself included. I think they all need to be examined more closely. But is going on a mission to destroy 1 & engaging in nonstop character assassinations of those associated, a good thing?
The hypocrisy of #CPC in this regard is quite stunning. The Harper gov’t targeted the charitable status of charities critical of his gov’t. (
Funneling convient complaints through groups like Ezra Levant’s “Ethical Oil”
So singling out #WE, is really about something else. The attacks on #WECharity are a means to an end. As is the besmirching of members of the Trudeau family. All cannon fodder in a hypocritical weaponized political takedown.

It’s not issues with WE that #CPC cares about.
It’s the propaganda fodder they want.
What do #Benghazi #SNCscandal
#Burisma & #WEscandal all have in common? They’re all examples of manufactured scandals that inflated legitimate issues, weaponized them & used them to disseminate propaganda & disinformation.

The #GOP playbook
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