COVID-19 is an attack on vulnerability: the elderly & frail; others with health weaknesses; ethnic minorities; precarious jobs; the low paid; the homeless; front line jobs; blue collar jobs; new starters; workers who would run out of money within 3 months (*a lot* of people)....
One-person Ltd companies (great in good times, vulnerable in bad); bricks and mortar retail; restaurants; pubs; anything that was already in decline; children at risk of abuse; children in poor schools; children without tech; children with <2 guardians....
Then whole countries... Among the 'rich' countries, the UK and US. The first made vulnerable from the equivalent of changing to the wrong job & simultaneously emigrating to the wrong place at the wrong time; the second made vulnerable by a psychopathic lunatic as president.
Longer-term vulnerable countries from Brazil to Yemen - they won't be first in line for treatments or vaccines. The favelas and townships will suffer disproportionately.
And then globalisation itself, which arguably comes under "anything that was already in decline". Indeed after being borrowed by the globalised financial system, the word 'contagion' has reverted to its more traditional usage....
So yes, COVID-19 is an attack on vulnerability, with too many incompetent humans smoothing its path. And the winners will be the "same as usual" folk - those with sufficient assets & capital who can ride it out.

Which I guess may prompt atheists to ask: Where is your God?
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