2/ Instead of breaking into cells via the ACE2 receptor, the coronavirus that causes #COVID19 can be lured away and trapped by a new decoy version of ACE2, as shown in test tube experiments with human lung cells. ( http://bit.ly/3i7kN0T )
3/ Even with adequate #PPE, U.S. and UK #HealthCareWorkers with direct patient contact report high rate of positive #COVID19 tests, particularly if they’re Black, Asian, or other minority. ( http://bit.ly/33gf2tI )
4/ For every 100,000 study participants, there were 242 #COVID19 cases in community members vs 2,747 cases in frontline #HealthCareWorkers, researchers said in @TheLancetPH.
5/ Studies of more than 500 patients who recovered from the global SARS coronavirus outbreak in 2003-2004 found that physical function and fitness were impaired for months afterward, and in some cases were still impaired years later. ( http://bit.ly/3gnUKCs )
6/ "Considering the similarities of SARS-CoV (the virus that caused SARS) and COVID-19, it is anticipated that people with COVID-19 will experience similar impairments to physical function and fitness,” researchers warn in @PTJournal.
7/ The boom in #Telemedicine during #COVID19 lockdowns may be problem for #seniors, many of whom lack internet access or have disabilities that make it hard for them to get online, researchers say in @JAMAInternalMed. ( http://bit.ly/2Xo9fie ; http://bit.ly/2BS0iG6 )
8/ Read more about the recent #COVID19 research described in this thread, here on the @Reuters website: https://reut.rs/2Pjwq8C .
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