So I have a theory 👀 I don’t think Gulf and his “GF” were ever actually together. Especially after hearing Gulf’s dad say boys flirt with him and then hearing Gulf say he jokingly kissed boys in school. I think Gulf had a crush on Mew since way before auditions. We know that
He knew of Mew and watched his shows and he even used to follow him on twitter prior to the show. What if Mew was Gulf’s gay awakening 🤯 what if Gulf was questioning his sexuality but then realized he had a crush on this new actor which was Mew. What if he went to the
Tharntype auditions and he was SHOOK to see his crush there and then he blushed when he acted with Mew because he already had a crush on him and....we all know what happened after that 👀😭❤️ The rest is history. It was FATE and it was in the stars long before they ever met.
They were meant to meet and meant to star in TT and they were meant to become best friends and to fall in love! They were meant for each other! 😭 #MewGulf
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