#Thread on Pandya Dynasty of Madurai:
Tamil Sangam Literature contains account of Pandya kings and achievements but systematic history is not available.
According to available information The Pandyan territories comprised of Tirunelvi, Rammad and Madurai in Tamilnadu. Nedum-
Cheliyan Pandya was devout adherent of Vedic culture and performed many yagyas and ceremonies around 280 century.He was known for his great victory against combined armies of Cheras and Cholas in his region.Pandya kingdom abounded many magnificent temples and the rulers were
Great champion of Hinduism in South. Varaguna I, son and successor of Maharajavarman Rajasimha I, was the greatest empire builder and military general of Pandya Dynasty from 765-815.Varaguna defeated Pallavas atPennagadam and expanded his kingdom till Tanjore, Trichy, Salem and
Coimbatore.Srimar Srivallabha (815-862),son of Varguna scored a signal victory against Ganges,Cholas and Pallavas etc in battlefield of Kundamukku, but later got defeated by Pallava King Nandi Varman at Tellaru. This defeat declined the power of Pandyas which reduced further when
Rajsimha II got defeated by Chola King Prantaka. Pandyas fled to Srilanka ans their kingdom got into hands of Cholas.
Pandyas sought help of Srilanka King to recover their kingdom but were annihilated by Prantaka at Vellure in 915. This put an end to the independence of Pandyas.
Pandyas maintained their existence as feudal chiefs at Hoyasalas ini 13th century.
Tamil Sangam literature says early Pandyas were under rule of highly accomplished Queens which indicate Matriarchy in Pandya kingdom.
Katyayana, the celebrated Sanskrit Grammarian flourished in
4th century being courtier of Pandyas.
Ref- History of South India, Essays on Mideaval India.
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