This is what an election with electronic poll books and no backup #PaperPollBooks looks like. It is a relatively new type of setup: voters-can-vote-anywhere-in-the-county Vote Centers, which make backup #PaperPollBooks impossible. It is a fatally flawed new model. 1/
Contact your county election office and ask if they will have backup paper poll books on Election Day. If not, let me know and raise bloody hell. Thank you. #PaperPollBooks 2/
Graphic by @ourearthneedsu 3/
PS. The vendor that supplied the electronic pollbooks to Los Angeles County is Knowink. It is America’s largest e-pollbook vendor & has products in 25 states. It was founded by a former GOP election official. It’s product developer is Religious Right. 4/
Knowink e-pollbooks also caused monster lines in Georgia during it’s primary. Thread by @MarilynRMarks1 of @CoalitionGoodGv. 5/
. @CoalitionGoodGv has filed a lawsuit to require backup #PaperPollBooks. The Democratic Party and large voter protection groups should follow its lead and do the same in other states. ASAP. The primaries have put them on notice of what will happen if they don’t. @marceelias. 6/
If only it were “just” Georgia. This is happening in Los Angeles county and in many other jurisdictions ruins throughout the US. 8/
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