Right now the fight against #VoteByMail is real, Trump & the Republican Party know they are getting voted out.

Trump calls them absentee ballots for republicans but mail-in ballots for the Democrats. He’s trying to take down @USPS so he can cheat.
Trump’s campaign is sending out nifty easy way to request your mail-in ballot.

Wisconsin is sending out applications to Democrats & Republicans.

PA got a email with links, calling it vote from home.

Regardless of the way we vote it will be historic, so many you can’t cheat.
Keep all eyes on #LouisDeJoy, Trump’s personal pick to help him cheat in the election.

https://twitter.com/sky_lee_1/status/1290012072172953605?s=21 https://twitter.com/sky_lee_1/status/1290012072172953605
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