When you see a red flag in your relationship 🚩

Do you run for the hills or do you stick through it?

Most people would say they'd run

Yet most never do in the stock market..

Let's have a chat

" Stock Market Red Flags"


Before getting into it let me share my definition of a red flag

This is an act/behavior that can be an issue in your relationship

Obviously we'll be talking about issues regarding stocks (and you)

I can't give any relationship advice in this case..

Red flags come in many forms

They will always come down to two things

- You
- Fundamentals

You're probably thinking

"JT wtf? Me?!"

Yes you

Let me explain...

You're your own worst enemy in the market

Here are some examples

- Didn't use a stop loss and now you're down big?
- You bought that sh*tty stock and expected it to go higher?
- You bought a stock because CNBC told you to?

Take responsibility for YOUR losses..

The biggest red flag you have is not taking responsibility for your trades

Sure maybe your friend told you that stock would be the next Apple

But who invested their money into the stock?


This isn't meant to feel like I'm attacking you

Taking responsibility is necessary though

Once you do this you'll be able to find success in your trading...

Next up we'll be looking at the fundamentals

Obviously you can't control this (unless you have a large bankroll)..

Some red flags here are

- Massive debt
- Poor earnings reports
- Constant change in management

These are pretty self explanatory, so I won't go in depth

What is a red flag to me

May not be a red flag to you

And that's fine, I wont tell you how you should invest your money

Next time you're looking at a stock you want to buy

Do your research and keep these red flags in mind

Once you enter the trade

Take note of yourself and look for any red flags

It may be hard to acknowledge these red flags but it's necessary
What're some red flags you look for in your trades? 🚩

I'd be very interested to hear what you all think

See you on the next one!
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