The irony of it. At the age of 82 years amid a raging pandemic, @YashwantSinha has hit the road against the NDA govt in Bihar.

He played a big role in establishing the BJP as a party in Bihar. In the 1995 polls, Lalu Yadav got reelected with a majority in Bihar 1/n
The BJP became the opposition party for the first time with 41 MLAs. Sinha became the leader of opposition. I still remember the papers reporting that he rode a motorcycle from Hazaribagh to Patna (>200 kms) along with other BJP MLAs for the inaugural session of the assembly 2/n
The optics of Sinha’s act & his speech as the LoP gave a much needed boost to an otherwise demoralised opposition. George Fernandes & Nitish Kumar has broken ranks with Lalu to form the Samata Party just before the polls & ended up with only 7 seats in a house of 324 3/n
Had Bihar not been divided to make Jharkhand, may be Sinha would have led the NDA in Bihar. For all his charisma, Sinha suffered a humiliating defeat in the 2004 LS polls, along with many BJP heavyweights in the country 4/n
Even at the peak of his popularity, Lalu Yadav did face energetic opposition leaders in the likes of Sinha who were more rabble rousers than caste leaders (no value judgment here) They built the narrative of lack of development, poor governance, brick by brick 5/n
Cut to the present.
A person who was the leader of opposition in the state in 1995, thinks he should re enter active politics as an opposition leader in 2020 at the age of 82. Speaks more about the political void than Mr. Sinha’s personal aspirations n/n
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