This is what happens when people fail to understand Rupaka alankara.

Same with story of Brahma-Saraswati

In this thread I will show how this is false and what this actually means.
Prajapati means Sun
(Shatpath Brahman

Prajapati is used for Sun because sun sustains all Humans, plants and animals, source of energy for all our food.

That's why Sun is called Prajapati.
Usha means Dawn, the redness in sky just before sunrise is called Usha.
Usha us called Sun's daughter because Sun us the reason of Dawn without Sun we won't see redness of sky without sunlight. Hence in Rupaka Alankara Usha is daughter of Sun.
The union of Sun and Usha gives Birth to day, as we see sun appears in Sky in Morning and there is still redness in sky, this is called Union of Usha and Prajapati.

This Union cause day and the Sun Rays which reach the earth gives life to Cattle and humans.
This is the original story which people don't understand, this same story is mentioned in Aitreya Brahman(3.33)
And Shatpath Brahman(
Vedas and other Vedic texts use Rupaka alankara because that makes it easier to understand concepts and to express.
This is just one, there are many such stories which are not understood by people
This thread created in a Hurry like 10 minutes so there are a lot of typos. Pls ignore
Refuting a few more points now

Claiming Earth has 4 corners written jn Shatpath, Wrong.
It actually says earth has 4 directions(photo attached) as we have to keep direction in mind during Yagya that's why it's written there.
Sri Krishna is favourite target of these Idiots in this thread too he has said many things about him.

But see How he is defined by Bhishma, So many wonderful qualities, such a great character he had.
Even more Bhagwan krishna followed Brahmcharya for 12 years after marriage, see the level of self restraint he had and these id!ots try to show him as "characterless"
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