This thread is going all over my TL and I'm about to be 100% that bitch about it. Why? Because it contains some very near history historical revisionism that sets my teeth on edge. Why? Because the refusal to confront it directly matters.
I wonder just how many people read far enough into the thread to get to this:

That's when I watched the goal post go whizzing into the center of the sun. That? That is just never going to happen. Ever. And it ignores the state of the GOP in 2017.
In 2017, the GOP held the following: The Presidency. 52-48 in the Senate. 241-194 in the House. 33 governorship with the GOP having unitary control of governor and state house in 25 states. On the national level, the Dems had lost more than 1,000 seats since 2009.
We all remember the massive GOP legislative victories from January 21, 2017 until November 6, 2018 right? How the GOP, which had said one half of one third, but but the filibuster, no, we need the Presidency too, give us that we will pass all we've promised, did just that.
I believed, because I am a damn fool, that the GOP would have bills lined up like planes waiting for take off to pass all we'd been promised. Because, again, I'm a damn fool. Instead, Paul Ryan and John McCain threw toddler fits on the floor and did worse than nothing.
What happened? Nothing was advanced. We got, what, tax relief? But Gorsuch! Yes, SCOTUS is important, even more so all filing of the lower Federal bench. But other than that, we got the Russian collusion and 40+ retirements and the goal posts just kept moving.
So when I read this?

I start laughing bitterly. Child, it's not MY fault the GOP is feckless crap weasels. And there's not a single pixel in that thread that addresses that most of what is demanded existed in 2017.
That is the historical revisionism that makes my eye twitch. Look, I haven't been a registered Republican since 2010 because the GOP was a bad joke even then. I still voted faithfully for the Republicans and plan to do so in the future. But I am aware of recent history.
The GOP was handed unitary control of the government on every level from the President to the state legislatures and did NOTHING with it. NOTHING. Okay, no, that's not true. The GOP at the national level appeared to believe Trump was a Russian asset.
The response in 2018 by people to say that's it, I gave the GOP one last chance and they blew it was entirely rational. And every single time a thread like this comes up, that gets hand waved away. And the goal posts get moved again and again and again.
So, yeah, you'll forgive me if I find that thread to be a. welcome to the party, pal, most of us have been here since, oh, 2005 or so, and II. yet more apologia and blaming of the base for the GOP having it's head up it's ass.
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