Army + Aroha,

I want to making this clear, my tweets are my opinions on my personal relationships and viewpoints. Not the Newkidd fandom entirely! Don’t attack them or bring them into the fandom war on my mistakes.

Both fandoms have helped our fandom, I apologize for the hurt
The hurt from Army, Aroha, Newkidd fans etc.

My actions were irresponsible and I never had the intention that it would explode as it did. I don’t expect anyone to forgive me but don’t attack Newkidd fans but me instead. They’re still hurting.
Newkidd fans,

If you experience toxicity from another fandom DM me ASAP or leave it on this thread.

I will do the best I can to clean up the mess I caused and to save you from hurting more during these horrible times.
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