THREAD: Progressives in the US have a talent for framing. Even after 4yrs of Trump a majority of Americans support a future for Dreamers. What about Europe? Many Europeans recoil at US immigration cruelties but what do we know of Europe's Dreamers & their struggles?
All this week in @Guardian we meet the people who arrived in Europe as children, spent their formative years here, but face extraordinary hurdles to secure their right to a European future
We investigate the policies that trap millions of young people in an undocumented limbo and over the coming days @Guardian & @Fahrinisa @giacomo_zando @nieuwska @katiawagner @ettaspin
will profile five European dreamers
By now tired of being invisible, some of Europe’s dreamers are risking everything to speak out about their immigration status and build a movement that echoes the US’ Dreamers in calling for a future for themselves in Europe
This series is produced by the #MigrationNewsroom @LHReports a transnational group of reporters delving deeply into under-reported aspects of migration & mobility. DM to find out more and get involved
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