~Not many people know that Raksha Bandhan is actually a Mughal festival that originated in the heart of Delhi~ Rana Safvi.
This is the kind of gobbledygook we hope #NEP2020 will spare our children from !!
Not many people know that Gir Forests were named after Jehangir.
We owe our lions to the Mughals.
Not many people know that the quote ~He tumbled through life & tumbled out of it ~ acknowledged Humayun not Galileo as the one who measured speed over distance over time.
And yes, Rahul took inspiration from that.
Not many people know that Cain learnt from Shahjahan that it’s okay to get rid of troublesome, pesky brothers.
Abel & Dara Shikoh.
Not many people know that it’s Aurangzeb who taught us how to love & respect our fathers by locking them but taking care they get a good view of the wonder they built.
In his case the Taj Mahal.
Father’s Day, duh ?
Not many people know that Shah Alam III was an inspiration to our Lutyens Cabal.

~Sultanat-e-Shah Alam, Az Dilli ta Palam~
The empire of Shah Alam is from Delhi to Palam

See ?
The Great Mughals
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