Sanskrit is most logical language that can exist.

Sanskrit has around 2000 roots and from which you can make Thousands of words by adding Pratyayas and and Upsargas.

There are well defined rules for formation of each and every word, which is not in other languages
Sanskrit has 3 genders and 3 vachans making it very expressive and efficient.

Things that exist in pairs can easily be expressed by using द्विवचन.

Further more there are 10 Lakaras which can be used to determine "Tenses". A lot can be said in minimum words
In english if I write "Cychiatrist instead of Psychiatrist" you will say it's wrong but you wont be able to tell me the reason behind it, whereas Sanskrit has well defined rules for Formation of each and every word.
Id you as me why पठति why not पठ्ति I can explain because it is made by

पठ् शप् तिप् => पठ् अ ति = पठति

There are rules which define how this happened how लट् lakara is used here.

No such rules in English
Actually it is not Complicated, it can be easily used by common people, that's the beauty of sanskrit you can learn it easily and use it for communication.

Only if you want to go I to Vedas etc then you need to se hardwork
Then we have Sandhi, two letters combine to form a Sandhi and it gives a beautiful flow to language.

If I am speaking english
I might pronounce "Its so fast"
As "itso fast" it there are no rules in english to define that
In sanskrit I might say नमामि अहम् as
नमाम्यहम् and there are well defined rules why this happened.

This makes Sanskrit a complete language everything is defined.

Most logical Language
We all must learn it

जयतु संस्कृतम्
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