Shocking as this development of pinning the blame of an actor on his gf is, coupled with a total denial of his mental health issues, it is hardly new. Desi families have a long tradition of holding the woman responsible for anything that happens to a man. I have known innumerable
families who will sit around despairing about how a gf/first wife/second wife has "ruined" their son even when son in question has always been someone with either mental health issues or addiction problems or was just simply always a bigra hua brat. What is more gruesome is that
these same families will endorse marrying their "pagol" or "ektu mathaye chheet" or simply "bokhe jawa" boy to unsuspecting, disturbingly young, complaint girl from preferably a not so "jedi" family by way of "curing" him, which is to say let's refocus all his outbursts and
lashing outs and even violence on this girl. She will absorb it like a sponge and if we make sure it's a good match won't be in a position to protest. Balance will be restored. Its a macabre truth of our society that women have always been be offered up as sacrifice for anything
that happens to men.
But oh GOD FORBID we seek actual medical help.
So like it or not most arranged marriage wedding ceremonies are actually elaborate sacrifice rituals for the girl and her family
In fact, the only time desi families will deem to get their son married off to a girl from a "lesser" family is when the chhele has a "dosh" or fault, which could range from the guy being violent and abusive to having certain "tendencies" or "indulgences" or mental health issues
Can't wait for the "Indian Matchmaking Season 2" on Netflix where they finally tell us WHY the girl needs to be "flexible"
REAL Indian Matchmaking Sima Aunty: "So you see Anupam has some little bit *taps head* issues, so actually, for him we need a biodata of a girl who is little bit on the meek side. Caste and status are not such big things over here. Main thing is only girl should not talk much"
Lol ppl are in my DMs now because "someone like him" could never be depressed and I should not make this a "unnecessarily gender issue"
Am muting this thread now so all of y'all self certified Sigmund Freuds and Colombos can stop filling my mentions with your vile af verdicts on the case and on mental health in general based on circumstantial evidence and zero understanding of anything to do with MH
But this is not about "what really happened". That is not for us to know. It's what narrative gains predominance every time something happens to a man and there is a woman around, especially if there is mental health involved
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