Being a grad student isn’t activism
I’m extremely tired of witnessing this and over the years people who have argued with me and “believe in lived experience” wielding their lib arts degrees in defence when challenged, further even if you research your own community it’s not activism, sorry.
As someone who has been told my work is activism by social justice type scholars think that’s just a way for people to feel better about themselves. There is always still a difference between me and my community/ people I do research with/about and to obscure that is disingenuous
I’ll always be an outsider and also I get a degree or something from it and more people should be honest about that. I’m so tired of grad students who think they’re different !!!!
Also grad degrees in social justice are a joke and creating a hegemonic gatekeeping in organizing spaces but people just wanna get a degree in social justice to feel good
If you think this is a subtweet because I got texts last time look within yourself I m tired
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