Asking a normaltard to revise the Hitler = absolute evil fact is like asking him to dismantle the foundation for his entire understanding of reality
If Hitler was not the incarnation of absolute evil then what else has he been lied to about

He can no longer be sure of anything he has been told throughout his entire life

Because there is nothing more certain that Hitler = mega epic evil bad man

Everyone knows this
And this happens to many people actually

They find out that they've been lied to about Hitler and WW2 so they proceed to distrust literally everything they've been told their whole lives and they start entertaining theories about reptilians and flat earth
Because if you can't trust the fact that Hitler = evil bad man then what the fuck can you trust

There is nothing more certain in today's society than the knowledge that Hitler was the evil bad man
As a matter of fact the word "Hitler" is more evil than the word and concept of "evil" itself

You could actually define it the other way around

Evil is defined as anything which is somehow like Hitler
You can say "I love Satan!" nowadays and the normaltards will be like "fuck yea lol!! hahaha"

But say "I love Hitler" and watch them cower in fear and lash out at you religiously
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