hey everyone :) i’m here to announce that if you can vote this election cycle, you will be cancelled. vote for trump? well of course you’re cancelled. vote biden? he’s also awful, so you’re cancelled. third party? well that’s a vote for trump. cancelled. no vote? might as well go
third party or even vote trump or biden you cancelled little shit. i’m sorry to break all of this information to you, but the only way to not be cancelled is to not be able to vote, but that doesn’t necessarily stop you from being cancelled you dumbass. maybe you’re underage?
well you might as well just accept the cancellation right now because as soon as you turn 18 you bet you’re getting fucking cancelled. you’re not an american citizen? oh well you should’ve gone through the naturalization process already so that’s on you. you’re dead? well you
should’ve laid low wherever you died so you wouldn’t legally be dead at the time of election so someone could steal your identity and vote in your absence. cancelled. sucks to suck but you’re all gonna be cancelled come november 3rd so enjoy your uncancelled life while it lasts
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