A totalitarian global government is being formed and using Coronavirus as the excuse.

The fatality Rate of #coronavirus
(Not to be taken as medical advice)

Statistics show that school aged children and teens ages 0 to 39 are at a 0.2% to 2% risk of fatality.

Most at risk of fatality complications are those who are older with weakend immune systems or pre-existing conditions

Heart disease, diabetes, smokers, heavy drinkers etc

Countries like Sweaden have kept the economy and schools open and sheielded the elderly and those at risk
The purpose the lockdown is about power, authority and a global totalitarian governnent system.

Please read the whole thread for the evidence.

The purpose of the lockdown is to crash the US Economy, crash the US dollar, end capitalism and replace it with #Marxism.
They are calling it #TheGreatReset

Choosing nice, warm language to promote this ideology entices ppl to agree accept it.
When the horrors are revealed it will be to late.

Other names #globalism #NewWorldOrder #Marxism #communism #socialism
To get to to where we are now in their agenda timeline first we must go back in history.

September 11, 1991
George Bush Sr. layed out a plan for a #NewWorldOrder
The NWO agenda is Nazism on steroids, minus the #WhiteSupremacy aspect.

The Nazi's thought they were a superior race but the idiology comes straight for Karl Marx.

Hitlers book "Mein Kemp" means
"My Order"
Nazi means "National Socialism"
Nazi's were NOT #Republican or #Conservatives they were #Liberals
#DemocratMarxists and #Leftists

Their idiology is extremely dangerous and mimics current talking points from @AOC @BernieSanders #AntifaDomesticTerrorists @Pontifex @BarackObama
@JoeBiden etc..
#AntifaDomesticTerrorists while they "claim" to be #AntiFascists are actually a form of #Fascists

A single ruling party and use force and violence to oppose ideological differences.

Fascism gives extensive authority and private property to the gov.
What about Nazi Germany vs Communist Soviet Union #Russia ?

WW2 was one Socialist country vs another Socialist country fighting for power.

In fact the Bush family and many high profile people fully supported and funded Hitler.
The C!A brought over 1,600 Nazi German Scientists, who were war criminals.

It was called "Operation Paperclip"

The most known is Warner Von-Braun the inventor of the rocket engine and V2 Saturn Rocket.

The SS Nazi war criminals used concentration camp slave labour.
Millions died being forced to build factories, hand dig weapons fatories in mountains.

The Vatican and @RedCross
helped 1000's of high level Nazi's and 1000's of Nazi families escape to Argentina and South America
Those in power create a Left vs Right narrative to distract and divide .

Nazism VS Communism when in fact they are 99% the same thing.

The United Nations who is to be the leading government behind the Globalist Agenda is

UN Co-Founder Albert Hiss
Convicted Communist
Every single Secretary General for the UN has been a #Socialist and has implemented key Socialist aspects for a slow and eventual #Communist #NewWorldOrder
Ban Ki-Moon is the current UN Secretary-General
- The UN's final goal is themselves being the global Gov.

- At the same time they aim to have a single global digital currency.
- End Capitalism
- End private ownership of property
- End rural housing development
The International Monetary Fund backed by the #Rothschild World Bank have been taking over all Natural Resouces around the world.

In the name of "sustainable energy development" and now #covid19 they "loan" billions of dollars to countries and help
When the global economy crashes, the debt cannot be paid.

What happens when payments are not made?
Repossession of equal value.

Exactly what is going to happen.
The World Bank will own those resources and countries and will restructure their local government to the UN.
How do I know for sure their plan is a #GreatReset?
They tell us

Let me be clear first :
I do believe the world has serious problems.

We need a cleaner enviroment
Healthcare for everyone and to treat each other better, kindly and loving.

Their plan is population control
Social manipulation
A.I based super security, mass surveillance, facial recognition, 24/7 tracking

Implanted gps microchips in humans which contaims all personal data, social credit score, your banking info and the authority for it to be shut off based of your actions
They believe all freedoms must be given up.
Including freedom of religion

They call it the #NewNormal

Their 3 steps

End Capitalism
#COVID19 is all about crashing the econemy and ending the US dollar and other strong currencies.
Higher taxes etc
2~Give government more control.
Create social justice and climate justice civilian policing groups.
Hence #DefundThePolice

3~End the middle class in the name of "racial inequality" to help the less fortunate.
Agenda 21
The truth about the #GreenNewDeal The end of private ownership.
~ Video


Video Link
2 year undercover investigation into the Sunrise Movement founders
#BLM Founders and their #Marxist
Ideological Subversion.


Video Link
Fascism is a Left created ideology explained by @DineshDSouza

Fascism's aim is to give all authority to a central Government and less personal liberty.

Repuicans want more personal liberties and smaller government control
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