cw : mental health

some of yall need a reality check on depression.

depression is NOT just sadness.

depression is sleeping for 17 hours a day because you have no reason to be awake. it’s unbearable to be lucid.

depression is being terrified to do things you love doing-
just in case you realise the spark you once had for your passion is gone. you cannot cheer yourself up in fear of losing such a vital part of you.

depression is not eating or drinking water for days on end because eating makes you nauseous and you forget to drink.
depression is not showering for a week or more because there’s no fucking energy in your bones to even move. you do not want to take care of yourself. you do not think you deserve it.

depression is acting presentable around the people you love in fear of them no longer loving-
you once they find out what you’re actually like. you don’t want to drag them down to your low so you shut up and take it.

depression is feeling a happy emotion and having it instantly swallowed up by dread and anxiety. there’s no room for good when your thoughts are just so bad
depression is distancing yourself from all the people who care about you because you’ve managed to convince yourself that they’d all be better off if you were gone. you’re subconsciously preparing them for your absence.

depression is not just feeling sad. it’s agony.
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