Hey white autistic people, please keep in mind that autism (or any neurodivergence, or any disability) is not something that gets you out of having to do serious, hard, reflective work regarding racism. Black and brown autistic people exist, and we don't get to opt out of racism.
To be clear, I don't think there's a singular way to do the work of anti-racism. Every autistic person interacts with the world differently, and not every autistic person can interact with the world or communicate the same way. But work must still be done, external or internal.
When doing the work of anti-racism, please be mindful of the energy, time & emotions of Black & brown people, *whether they are autistic or not*. Doing the work of anti-racism, as a white person, isn't the place to say "ugh neurotypicals" to dismiss ways you may be acting racist.
That last one may seem obvious, but it is worth saying, because I've seen too many white autistic people dismiss concerns Black & brown people have about their behavior on the basis that they're neurotypical and so they don't understand how hard things are. Please don't do that.
Again, Black and brown autistic people don't get to disengage from a racist society. We feel the impacts of racism on top of the impacts of ableism. We have to deal with the hard work of anti-racism and the difficulty of DEALING with racism. So please reflect, genuinely.
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