Story time.

A came in a new society to live.
He was mocked and abused because he was slightly disabled.

He was also harrased by particular section of that society.

Here comes S who was kind hearted girl who sided with A as she didn't liked him getting mocked.
S always cared for likes and dislikes of A. But A always abused whole society of which even S was part of.

S didn't minded that ever as she knew what had happened to A.

Slowly over the time S and A because close friends.
They both enjoyed each other's company and S also tried reasoning wid other members of society to not abuse and mock him.

Most of people agreed except an section of society who were known for abusing everyone.

S always told A to ignore those people.
Also stood with him always.

They both vowed that they would never break that friendship with each other.

But next day S became ill, her health started worsening, she told A she's ill but he acted like he doesn't care.

S kept mum as she thought A might have forgotten.
Very next day S was very very ill but now S didn't tell A for she knew he won't pay heed.

Meanwhile A kept asking why are those abusive section like this / give me more details on who they are.

S happily shared everything she knew.
But suddenly while talking A started abusing whole society again. This time S lost her mind and said don't talk with me .

A instead of apologizing took of all th connections with S. When S saw that she got hurt.

She cried and cried.
Next day she approached A and asked for forgiveness for she was rude. A forgave her for she begged till hour.

S did so because she had become habitual of A and they both started to talk like earlier.

But deep down S was afraid that would he leave me again ?
She lived in this fear till I know.

Q1. What was S's fault ?

Q2. What went wrong ?

Q3. Was she right for begging to A to remain in her life. ?

Q4. What are future possibilities for both would A leave her again ?

Try answering
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