I'm not exactly sure what to do.. and looking for some guidance from you all. I made it clear last night that at this point- you are either pro-DNC or you are a dump supporter. I'm suddenly seeing a lot of tweets in my thread referring to 3rd party candidates. In THIS election
I just can't see any 3rd party as an option. I do see them as a threat to the possible election of the DNC Candidate. When looking through some of who is following who in these discussions I am seeing a lot of #Resisters who are 3rd party supporters. One account I am following
just tweeted F$CK DNC in a tweet.. and I have over a thousand followers who are following him. Last election 10 Million people voted for a 3rd party. Question- Are they #resisters? Am I being overly judgmental by thinking that we have to vote for the DNC to get rid of Dump?
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